Camp Rules for Season 19

Camp Rules for Wyvern Rising Please read the event rules below for attending an event at Wyvern Rising First Aid kits are located in the kitchen behind the tavern and at logistics. If you have a non-emergency first aid need, please see staff or a player who is first aid certified. If you are [...]

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Season 19 Changes

Greeting Wyvernites! As we get closer to the launch of Season 19, staff would like to get everyone on the hype train with some fun changes! During the Event We would like to try and begin the main mod much earlier than previous seasons and to help us do so, we are going to [...]

2022-05-18T19:56:49-04:00May 18th, 2022|OOG|

COVID Vaccination Policy Update for 2022

Hello Everyone! A quick update regarding our COVID policy for vaccinations and social guidelines for Season 19 of Wyvern Rising: Vaccination In order to attend each event this season, we will be requiring proof of up-to-date vaccination. An up-to-date vaccination will be considered to fall within these parameters: That you have received your primary series [...]

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Wyvern Rising Staff/Season Announcement

As we move into season 19 of Wyvern Rising, we have some staffing announcements. Wil Freeman and Lauren Alvear have stepped down as directors of our organization, and from staffing Wyvern Rising. Zach Wydawski has also stepped down as a director of our organization.  And Josh “Beaker” Beadle has stepped down as Wyvern Rising Staff. [...]

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AoC 82 – Spring

As Winter thaws and spring greets Feragothe, a dark shadow still looms over the land.  While the cursed drought has ended, rumblings and rumors of an underground war have gripped the peoples of Feragothe.  As people start to go missing, many have begun to ask themselves when this war will spill out onto the surface, [...]

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Call for Artists for

Hello players and friends, The Game Staff and player teams are planning a busy offseason to update and enhance our game.  Part of that is updating the website ( with new structure, content, and new artwork as well as publishing a complete rulebook. To that end, Wyvern Rising is interested in commissioning some new artwork [...]

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Season 18 Event 3 Cancellation

Wyvern Rising Players,   As we’ve said earlier this year, the Wyvern Rising Directors and Staff members have been monitoring developments regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and frequently re-assessing Wyvern Rising’s response to it. After careful consideration surrounding numerous factors, it is with a heavy heart that we are announcing the cancellation of Wyvern Rising [...]

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