Hello Everyone!

A quick update regarding our COVID policy for vaccinations and social guidelines for Season 20 of Wyvern Rising.

The US Department of Health and Human Services’ declared on May 11, 2023, the end of the public health emergency regarding COVID-19. Therefore, Wyvern Rising has updated its COVID policy. Players are no longer required to be vaccinated or tested prior to an event, although both are strongly encouraged.

Social Guidelines

Currently, we will not be requiring the use of a face mask while attending the event, though you are certainly welcome to do so. If you wish to wear a mask, it does NOT need to be costume/period appropriate.

We ask that everyone respect each other’s space as much as possible. If you feel someone is too close for comfort, and they’re not taking a hint to back up, please feel free to call a hold and inform them.


The kitchen will be open for the event, and our in-game cups, bowls, and plates will be brought back to the game. Players who have their own mess kits and would prefer to use their own are always encouraged to do so, but be mindful that you must clean up after yourselves. The tavern will still have drinks and food available for in game purchase, but we will not be having a served feast.



As a courtesy, we ask that if you are experiencing a fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, new loss of taste or smell, or sore throat, to kindly avoid attending the event. If staff notices that you are experiencing these symptoms, we may ask you to leave for everyone’s safety (including yours). There will always be more Wyvern Rising to enjoy when you feel better.

Thank you!

Wyvern Rising Game Staff and Directors