As of 4/15/2023, there has been an update to this announcement. Read more here.

Wyvern Rising Staff is a volunteer group that has dedicated innumerable hours planning, writing, building and working on the game itself over the last 20 years. Some of the current staff have been players for over 15 years of that time. When we came to the table with the idea of revitalizing and rewriting this game, we did so because we wanted to see and play the best version of the game that we all know and love.  We truly value all of the Players that have given their time and effort over the last 20 years. We spent countless hours designing the game and speaking to players, old and new, about what they would like to see in the new version.  We received tons of feedback.  Some of it was easy to assimilate into the game, some was not.  But all of it was considered.  In every step of the process, we considered what the player base, as a whole, would want to play.  We are not choosing to ignore any single player’s contribution to the game, but rather incorporate that contribution into the creation of the skills and game environment. Skills and game mechanics were designed with the thought, “What would the player base, as a whole, like to see here?” And, as always, we are still taking feedback and making changes with that goal in mind.     

Now that you have some time to read over the new ruleset, we have put together a list of parameters for re-building or making new characters. We would like to make a few points that hopefully will clarify some things before the list of parameters.

First, this year will be starting later than usual.  Our first event will be in June, at the earliest. This will depend on Hickory Run and the dates that they make available.  Given the vast amount of work in progress, we felt that June would be the soonest we would be ready.  There is plenty of time to get prepared for this season.  

Second, we have increased the earned build per event to 4 and the number of service build that may be redeemed per event, also to 4. The total is now 8 build per event without raising the cost of the events.  

Third, one of the goals of the rewrite was to decrease the gap between veteran players and newer players.  Our game doesn’t survive without new players coming to join our awesome community.  We chose to refund everyone’s build through a percentage of total build on someone’s player file.  By using a percentage as the refund, we ensure that each player’s power level continues to be the same in relation to the other players.  In short, the highest build character will still be the highest build character.  So in this way, our veteran players are still leading the pack.  Also, keep in mind that the progression for each of the classes is faster than it used to be.  You will be able to achieve a greater number of skills in a shorter amount of time than before.   

Last, we wanted to reiterate that revisions will be coming as fast as they can be.  There has been good feedback from everyone as far as what needs to be clarified.  Our primary focus is to present a game this season.  We will work out the kinks as we go, please be patient and understanding with these revisions.    

Here are the rules for rewriting your character. 

  • Players are now able to play multiple characters during the event. The Player may choose to switch to their alternate character at the start of the next period. Players may not switch to their alternate character after the period begins unless the character that they are playing experiences permadeath.
  • Each player will receive 90% of the cumulative earned build totals from all living characters in their player file. This will be split into 3 buckets of 30%, 30%, and 30%.  Players may only use one bucket to rebuild their current character.  Each remaining bucket must be used on a separate or alternate character. Each character built this way will still get the standard 24 starting build in addition to their recycled 30%.
    • For example, Rich has 255 earned build in his character Sir Darius Montague.  He takes the total earned build of 255 x 30% and now has 77 build rounded up.. He then adds the 24 starting build for a total of 101 build. He then receives 3 allotments of 101 build on his player file.
    • He chooses to rebuild Darius for this season and uses one allotment of 101 build to do so.  He now has two allotments in his player file of 101 build each.  This will allow Rich to build that darkness mage he has always wanted as an alternate character.  Also, if Darius were to suffer permadeath, he could use an allotment for his new character and begin the game again with 101 build.
    • When a Player’s character has experienced permadeath, the Player may choose to use 30% of their current build or 1 allotment from their Player file, whichever is greater.
  • Players who choose to keep their current character and re-builds that character, will have their deaths erased from that character card and start with a full 24 Life Force. 
  • All players may equip their character with any starting gear that they would normally have when starting the game.
  • Characters may play their original species regardless of its availability for new characters to play.
  • Players may redesign their characters in any fashion they wish
    • You must keep the Species and the Name but otherwise, you have complete control over what the new character will be. 
  • All tagged items that existed prior to this season were depowered in the blast that killed Saphlaron. This includes relics and artifacts.
    • Any items of sentimental value that players want to keep in game, may continue to use the phys rep with no mechanical benefit. 

Please understand that we have tried to consider all variables when putting together this list.  We may have missed one or two.  If you feel that there is something that we did not address, please reach out to staff at our email, [email protected], and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Thank you again,

Wyvern Rising Staff