Hey Wyvernites!

The Wyvern Rising Core Rulebook v3.1 is now live, and this one is a doozy!

The changelog below contains the changes that have been made since the 3.0 version, but we are sure we missed a few because there have been a TON of changes since then and it has been difficult to keep track of them all!


New Sections

  • Added section on Injuries to the Damage, Healing, & Death section
  • Added section on Blocking Arcane and Divine Effects to the Magic & Prayers section
  • Added section on Memorization to the Metaphysical Systems section

Species-specific Backgrounds

  • Species-specific backgrounds are now provided for free in addition to your choice of background and are now listed under each Species description
  • Fei’Tandel Species Advantage now gives the Bow skill for free in addition to “Herbal Remedy”
  • Human Species Advantage “Jack of All Trades” now allows humans to start with TWO free Apprentice Crafts at character creation, and no longer restricts them to Apprentice level
  • Oelyte Species Advantage now allows an Oelyte to use meditative recall when scribing documents that they have already read, allowing them to scribe an exact copy within one hour of seeing the original document
  • Uruk’eald Species Advantage now also gives +1 damage with all melee attacks


  • Acolyte Anima of Bloodlust reworded to add damage on all melee strikes for the duration
  • Courier advantage only works when traveling alone
  • Entertainer now allows you to begin the game with 4d10 copper as starting coin, up from 2d10, and allows the character to take an additional action during an AAR to gain 2d10 additional copper
  • Streetwise reworded to clarify that characters gain a +1 bonus to Crime skill checks (does not give the Crime skill for free)


  • Made a TON of changes to many of the Adventure and Profession classes, including tier changes for some skills, new skills, renaming skills and removal or addition of prerequisites to many skills, especially Cleric and Martial (please review thoroughly, there’s just too much to mention here)


  • Gatherer renamed to Hunter/Fisher


  • Armament – Armor can now be restored, but the user cannot gain more than 10 armor from this skill at any given time
  • Assassinate – Can now only be used with a small weapon, puts target into 3rd stage of death count
  • Bind – Added additional wording to allow the use of tagged items, such as chains, manacles, or shackles with the skill, otherwise it is assumed that rope is used. Also added that it may be cut through with a blade and a 5-count.
  • Bulk – Changed description to make it more clear what is possible
  • Credit – Removed fixed interest rate and added wording that the terms of the credit are determined at the time the loan is given by the moneylender
  • Crime 1 – Lockpicking skill now requires Lockpicking tools
  • Deflect – Now avoids rather than blocks, and can now be used as a defense against flank attacks
  • Disengage – Changed from “all damage” to “all normal attacks”
  • Efficiently Armored – added skill description
  • Forage – Changed to only allow finding common components at first, but increases as they learn more Alchemy
  • Frenzy – Removed exhaustion effect
  • Gather Proficiency – Reworded that alchemist can now use forage to gather Rare components and reduce time it takes to gather common items
  • Hand Weapon – Updated max length to 44” for weapons, and 44” minimum length for staves
  • Heavy Weapon – Updated minimum length to 44” and max length to 96”
  • Incredible Strength – Now stacks with other strength skills and adds +1 to strength modifier when calculating Knock Back distances, grappling checks, or carrying bodies
  • Mana Coating – Added that the armor given is deducted first as the character takes damage
  • Market Trader – Now gives 1d4 silver per event, rather than 6d6 copper
  • Master Artisan – Goods sold now give 175% standard market rate, up from 150%
  • Master Florentine – Now deals +1 damage when wielding 2 Hand Weapons simultaneously
  • Master Gatherer – Updated skill description to use new forage mechanics
  • Nightprowler – No longer stacks with Flank 1 or Flank 2
  • Parry – Now avoids rather than blocks
  • Pierce Armor – Added to Skill Descriptions list
  • Pocket Sand – Can no longer be blocked
  • Shield – Added wording that melee or ranged physical attacks do not specifically bypass shields, and that shields may not block ranged spells or prayers of any type or Poison Alchemy delivered via packet
  • Specialist – Now locks out of purchasing Crafting Specialist in addition to Multiclass and Multiclass
  • Strength Rush – Now stacks with other strength skills and adds +1 modifier when calculating Knock Back distances, grappling checks, or carrying bodies, and adds +1 damage to Unarmed Strike damage
  • Sure Hit – Can no longer be blocked, but may be negated in addition to being avoided
  • Throw – Included wording on adding 5 feet per strength modifier, and now unbalances the target. Can no longer use a weapon in 2 hands to deliver this skill
  • Tracking Evasion – Added missing skill description
  • Unbreakable – Clarified that it may be used once per period
  • Unskilled Labor – Added missing skill description


  • Skills in the class charts now link to their skill descriptions, and skill descriptions now list and link back to their respective classes
  • Fixed some wording around Combat and calling skills, and added that shields block any normal weapon strikes, including ranged
  • Fixed some wording around how Resurrection and Permadeath is handled
  • Fixed wording on how Suits of Armor convert body damage from physical attacks into normal damage
  • Added that Hand Weapons cause 3 damage when wielded with two hands
  • Added In-Game Money section to Miscellaneous section outlining the conversion costs for currencies
  • Renamed many of the Alcohol Names in the Carousing section to better fit with the species names
  • Made some changes to the wording on how lockpicking uses Crime rating in the Dealing with Locks section
  • Added Apprentice/Journeyman/Master Craft skills to the Skill Descriptions section
  • Charm keyword no longer requires the charmed individual to follow the commands of the charmer
  • Exhaustion keyword clarified to disallow skills that cost NRG, MNA, or FTH, but may still cast spells and prayers
  • Added Resist keyword to glossary
  • Added more detail to Salvage Tag keyword
  • Added Soak keyword to glossary

The new version of the rule book can be downloaded HERE. If you are still seeing the old 3.0 version in your browser, please clear your cache and reload the page, and you should see the newest version. If you run into issues, please let us know on Discord!