Hello Wyvernites!

Well, it’s official. The lich is dead. Judging by the feedback on the Discord channels, all indications are that Season 19 was a resounding success! I hope you enjoyed playing this season as much as we enjoyed putting it together for all of you.

I firmly believe that transparency in the process is the most important ingredient for understanding. With that being said, I would like to take some time to give everyone a very brief glance at what is coming for Wyvern Rising Season 20.

It is no secret that we are planning on a major overhaul of the game during this off season. While we understand that games like Wyvern Rising do not last 20 years without having some awesome players and staff, a community as great as ours deserves the best game possible.

Much of what you enjoy as a player at Wyvern Rising will remain in place. The world lore, for example, is a part of the game’s history and will continue to be so. We are definitely in a good place to begin new plot arcs that will affect the world lore going forward, and we are excited to begin this new chapter. I can say that the next chapter of Wyvern Rising will take place somewhere other than Corsotha as you have known it. That is not to say that the game will not move back to Corsotha in the distant future, but for now, world events have occurred that make Corsotha uninhabitable. Also, many of the places that your character knew will be different following such a cataclysmic chain of events. There will be new monsters, NPC’s, settlements, and in-game areas for your character to explore and interact with as the world recovers from those events. The best part is that all players will get to experience these things from a base level and grow with them in-game.

Mechanically, the game will change as well. Keep in mind that the goal of this rewrite is to reduce build costs and modernize the ruleset to bring it in line with current LARP games and not just patch the core mechanics from when the game began 20 years ago. To put it plainly, many of the components of Wyvern Rising need to be simplified. We need to remove redundancy, heavy mechanics, bloat in the skill paths, and pave the way for the awesome new world lore we are planning to introduce in the coming seasons. As such, we will be reducing build costs for skills, the cost of spenders to use those skills, and making sure that you can earn enough build through our season that will allow you to move your character forward at a faster pace. Some skills will go away, some new skills will appear, and some will just be changed to a simplified mechanic. As a result of this, we are planning to have a full re-write for all players when the new system is complete. You will not be starting new characters unless you choose to do so. Each of you will be able to rebuild your characters in a way that provides the opportunity to feel like the same character. If you choose to retire your character, you will be given the same build towards a new character that you would have received if you chose to keep your existing character. Again, your choice. However, given that the build costs will change and that there is a significant power gap that needs to be reduced, I can say that the build totals for the rewrite will most likely not be the full total that is currently on your card. As always, we will ask for feedback from the entire player base during the rewrite and, if we need to, adjust those totals accordingly to the feedback received.

My goal has been and will continue to be, to create a fun and engaging game in the most accommodating way I can. I truly hope that each of you recognizes the successes from this past season and are as excited as I am to continue that trend in Season 20. Further announcements will be coming as we progress.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me or the staff at [email protected], and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

So, I guess, my last question is…


What part will you play?”



Rich Wilson

Director, Wyvern Rising