Wyvern Rising takes place within the beautiful Hickory Run State Park.

Keep in mind this means that Wyvern Rising LLC must adhere to all State Park rules and regulations. If you have any concerns or questions please contact the Wyvern Rising LLC Staff.

Wyvern Rising uses one of two camps within Hickory Run, depending on what is made available by Hickory Run for our events.  To find out which events are at which camps, please check out our Calendar. You can click the direction maps below to get directions to either camp, and click the camp maps below to see a full-size version of the detailed camp map.

Camp Shehaqua

Camp Daddy Allen

In-Game Locations

The camp represents the town of Wyvern’s Crossing.  The layout of things is a bit different at each camp, but both Daddy Allen and Shehaqua have buildings that represent the normal Wyvern’s Crossing establishments.  If you’re new to town, try and find someone to show you around.  You will probably find the most people at the Hook & Harpoon Tavern (Dining Hall, on both camp maps), or The Nameless Temple (Craft Lodge, on both camp maps.)

If you need to find game staff, come to the Director’s Cabin which is where game ‘logistics’ is located.