NPC (Non-Player Characters)

NPC’s, or Non-Player Characters, are equally as important to the world of Wyvern Rising as the PC’s. The responsibility of an NPC is to perform the tasks of essential, already created characters for the plot of the story. It’s also common for the staff at Wyvern to ask you to create a quick character concept, and the NPC you are sent out as is only as good as you make it.

PC’s are required to perform an NPC Shift during their weekend, for 3 hours during a slot of the weekend. There are time slots anywhere from 8PM Friday night until 2AM Sunday morning. If you choose to NPC for the entire weekend, then you are responsible for being available as an NPC for the entire weekend, or for as long as you can stay.

You could be asked to perform anything from an Unholy or a Skeleton to the Barkeep or Common Townsfolk. Staff will give you the guidelines for your character, and you will get to choose from the vast selection of NPC costuming to play your part.

What to Bring

Useful things to bring for NPCing, whether it be for your NPC shift or for the entire weekend, black clothing is essential. Many times you will be playing a monster or villain and need to run around hiding in the darkness. Also make sure to bring sleeping gear, spare warm clothes, and plenty of water.

Cost to NPC

There is no cost to NPC for an event weekend, however players must still pay the annually required Membership Fee. For more information Contact Wyvern Rising Staff.

When you NPC you receive an Event Credit. This Event Credit may be redeemed for $10 off your next event, +1 Build Point that can be used during character creation (up to a maximum of 10 Build Points that can be used at character creation), or +1 Build Point to be added to your unspent Build Point total.