Hail and well met, traveler!

Thank you for showing an interest in our game and our website.  We’re always happy to have new characters enter our world, and have new players join the Wyvern Rising community. If you have questions about the game, you can reach out to game staff via email at [email protected].  Or to get a faster and more interactive response, reach out to us via social media on our Discord server or Official Facebook page.

Your First Event

Whether you’re new to LARP as a hobby, or an experienced LARPer who just found us, we know coming to a new game can be challenging.  First, don’t sweat it! We pride ourselves on being an incredibly friendly and inclusive community. If you are ever unsure of something, have questions on the game proceedings, or are lost, please do not hesitate to talk to a Staff Member, Director, or Marshal. We will all do our best to help clarify whatever is needed.

When you first arrive at the camp, please head to the Logistics building, which you can find on the camp maps. Once there, please check in, and if it is your first event, please indicate as such to the staff members processing check in. They will help you with getting a character card put together.

What happens at Check-In:

  1. Pay the event fee.
  2. Sign up for an NPC shift.
  3. Sign up for your post even cleanup obligation.
  4. Sign a Waiver of Liability – Save time at Check-In and sign it here
  5. Fill out your Emergency Contacts  – Save time at Check-In and fill it out here
  6. Create/collect your character card and in-game money. 
  7. Spend build on new skills.
  8. Complete a safety check on new weapons.
  9. Take care of any other unfinished business.

Once checked in, you can move your belongings to where you want to stay.  Please check with game staff to determine what cabin areas are appropriate to stay in. Cabins are first-come, first-serve, so you are not guaranteed to get the same sleeping quarters you were in the prior month, unless you make arrangements in-game with the other Player Characters.

After you have found a place to sleep, please put on your garb and come to Logistics.  There, we will get you your item tags and a Marshal, Staff Member, or Director will do a weapons and armor evaluation for you. Prior to lay on, you will receive New Player Training. This is mandatory, regardless of any other LARP Groups you may have attended.

Once this has concluded and Lay On has been called, our player engagement team will help you work your way into game either through a small mod, or with a group of NPCs.

Building a Character

Before you can enter the game world, you need to create a character.  We can help you do this at your first event if you want.  But you can also create your character before you arrive, to make it easier on you (and us!), and so you can tailor your costuming/props to what you’ve decided to be.

You will need to consider:

  • What Species do you want to be? Make sure you are willing to meet that Species costuming and role-playing requirements.
  • What Background did you come from? Each background comes with a flavor explanation and a mechanical benefit.
  • What Class are you? There are four Adventure Classes (Cleric, Finesse, Mage, and Martial) and four Profession Classes (Alchemy, Medicine, Mercantile, and Smithing).
  • What Occupation do you wish to have? Occupations are sets of crafting skills that are each too minor to be classes in their own right, like Professions.
  • What Skills and Ability Points will you choose? Each new character starts with 24 Build. Characters are able to use this Build to purchase any skill from any Class they have declared as primary or from the Common Skill list.

What’s the world of Wyvern Rising like?

Our game has a heavy roleplaying and storytelling aspect, and is not solely a combat-based LARP (though there’s plenty of combat).  To get a good idea of the setting and world lore, review some of the items from our Lore.  This might help you create a character backstory, and determine why your character has found themselves in this small frontier town of Corsotha. Read more about our Lore below.

What Else Should I do?

While we do have new player training, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with game rules prior to attending an event.  You can find everything you need in the Core Rule Book 3.0. The skills you’ve chosen for your character should themselves contain descriptions of how to use them.

Welcome to our world! We can’t wait to meet your new character, and see how they impact the world of Wyvern Rising. Please reach out to us if you have questions.