Greetings to our Wyvern Community!

We appreciate everyone’s feedback regarding the new game system and build refunds. We can assure you that we have read everyone’s contributions to the new system and we have taken all of this feedback into consideration. We have worked tirelessly over the last few weeks to roll out an update for you.  Thanks for your continued patience and after these discussions, we have decided to modify the build refund rules slightly to allow for more options. Each player may choose one of the following:

Option 1

Receive 90% of the cumulative earned Build totals from all living characters in their player file, split into 3 “buckets” of 30% each. With this option, players use one bucket to rebuild their new character, and each remaining bucket may be used to create alternate or new characters. In addition to the 30%, each character will receive the standard 24 starting Build. When a player’s character has experienced permadeath, the Player may then choose to reclaim 30% of the character’s spent Build (as per normal Permadeath rules) to create a new character, or create a new character using one of their remaining buckets.

For example, Rich has 255 earned Build in his only character, Sir Darius Montague. He takes 30% (rounded up) of his total earned Build and ends up with 77 Build. He then adds the 24 starting Build for a total of 101 Build. He chooses to rebuild Darius for this season and uses an allotment of 101 Build to do so. He now has 2 additional allotments of 101 Build on his player file. This will allow Rich to build that darkness mage he has always wanted as an alternate character. Also, if Darius or his new darkness mage were to suffer permadeath, he could use one of those allotments for another new character and begin the game with 101 Build.

Option 2

Receive 50% of the cumulative earned Build totals from all living characters in their player file. Choosing this option will forfeit the allotments listed in Option 1, and will be a one-time build refund, and must go towards their new character. This new character will also receive the standard 24 starting Build. If the character experiences permadeath, the player will only receive 30% (rounded up) of that character’s spent Build, as per normal Permadeath rules, back into their player profile.

Thank you for your continued support of our game. You asked, and we listened. We will continue to work together to support a positive community where everyone feels heard and that players want to be a part of. We are looking forward to a great 20th anniversary year.