Year Events
-5000 AoC Japhlaron unites Vamdrenai.
-??? AoC Massive Uruk’eald invasion of Northern Merdensa. The Red Tide slaughters many Vamdrenai towns and cities.
-??? AoC Elf-Kraald War.
-1500 AoC Kraalden High King Forlok Rippenrender becomes the last single ruler of all the Kraald. Kaetiff emerge.
Year Events
-340 AoC Uruk’eald invade the Kingdom of Vetrona.  Orcsend Wall is built between what will be the border of Vetrona and the Free Cities.
-339 AoC The Battle of Uruk’eald End in Vetrona.
-337 AoC Alessander becomes king of Lamoreaux.
-330 AoC The Kingdom of Vosburg joins the Alliance of Alessander.
-328 AoC The Kingdom of Oronoth joins the Alliance of Alessander.
-322 AoC The Kingdom of Vetrona joins the Alliance of Alessander.
-304 AoC A great Unholy host attacks the Kingdoms of Khivark and Oronoth.
-303 AoC Alessander leads a grand army to relieve Khivark.
-302 AoC Khivark joins the Alliance of Alessander.
-291 AoC King Alessander of Lamoreaux dies.  The Kingdom of Alessandria is formed.
-229 AoC Carolinus becomes the last Emperor of Grendon.  The Carolusian Wars begin.
-227 AoC Leikheim joins the Kingdom of Alessandria.
-222 AoC The Grendonic Empire falls.
-177 AoC Sethen emerge from Southlands.  The Sethen, Alessandria, and Landisfarne make war with Derthaven.
-174 AoC The Kingdom of Derthaven falls.  The Duchies of Gildea and Kobylarz are created from former Derthan lands.
-172 AoC Altacino is absorbed into the Kingdom of Alessandria.
-168 AoC King Sandochal of Landisfarne dies with no living heirs.  Landisfarne is absorbed into the Kingdom of Alessandria.
-149 AoC Manton of Landisfarne dies, and is canonized a saint of Diakonoff later the same year.
-148 AoC Landisfarne is renamed Mantione in honor of Saint Manton.
-130 AoC Conlyn cedes from Oronoth.
-94 AoC Oelytes emerge from Southlands.
-20 AoC The Diakonoff Church holds Council of Masia to reform Church hierarchy.
1 AoC The Peace Council is established.

There is no year 0 AoC.

Year Events
41 AoC The King of Alessandria sponsors Konstantin von Engelhardt’s first voyage to Feragothe.
44 AoC Konstantin von Engelhardt’s second voyage.  He does not reach Feragothe.
50 AoC Magnetic compass invented.
51 AoC Konstantin von Engelhardt’s third voyage.  This is his second trip to Feragothe.
55 AoC Konstantin von Engelhardt’s fourth voyage.  This is his third trip to Feragothe.

The port of Anchor Point founded.

56 AoC Vivallen discovered in Feragothe.
57 AoC Fei’Tandel discovered in Feragothe.
60 AoC Prince Nikolai Llewellyn Galt-Haldane, Duke of Vosburg, sails for Feragothe with colony ships.

The Principality of Haldenweald established. The towns of Vonenburg and Corsotha founded.

69 AoC King Gordion of Alessandria dies.

Three contenders for the throne emerge: Ulric, Gordion’s younger brother, Adrian Stefano, Gordion’s youngest brother, and Gustaves of Grendon, who was betrothed to Gordion’s only child Princess Cassandra.

Civil war erupts across Alessandria between those loyal to Ulric and those loyal to Adrian Stefano.

Prince Nikolai returns to Alessandria to support Ulric and his claim to the throne.

Gustaves unites nearly all of Grendon.

Gustaves asks the Oelyte people to back his claim to the throne of Alessandria. They decline. In response he lays siege to their city of Academos.

70 AoC Academos falls. The forces of Grendon occupy the city. Many Oelytes are killed. Many others are put into ghettos.

The Oelytes form a secret resistance that fights the Grendon occupation with guerilla tactics.

Gustaves invades Alessandria, already decimated by ongoing civil war.

Adrian Stefano is killed in combat with the Patriarch of Khivark.

Lamoreaux, the capital of Alessandria, is sieged and later sacked by Gustaves forces.

An ancient and powerful Unholy called Icarmadoro raises countless war dead and attacks the living in Alessandria.  He attacks and kills Ulric and Gustaves in the midst of a great battle. Prince Nikolai is presumed dead.

Lamoreaux is taken over by the Unholy and becomes a desolate haunted city.

Icarmadoro and his legions head to the coast of Alessandria and depart across the ocean, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake.

The Kingdom of Alessandria crumbles and is no more.  The central authority of most duchies is dismantled or destroyed.  Unholy and rogue warlords roam the countryside.

71 AoC Icarmadoro and his Unholy host make landfall in Feragothe. The citizens of Haldenweald unite with the natives of Feragothe against the Unholy scourge. The defenders are utterly crushed.

The Night of Blades. In a coup, Dame Alexius Lutorus of Grendon seizes the Haldenweald Keep and declares herself Empress of all Feragothe.

Icarmadoro enters the divine realm and slays Qos. Icarmadoro ascends to godhood.

A large tear appears in the sky.

72 AoC All across the world many souls that were previously deceased return to walk the earth, but for only a few months.

The crack in the sky closes.

Prince Nikolai is found alive, working as a farmhand after losing his memory. He raises an army and begins the reconquering of Alessandria.

Many vampires are driven north to the Free Cities. They begin a silent takeover of the nobility of that land.

Garamont’s Reach is founded by Kraald in the Western mountains of Feragothe known as the Spine.

Gen’ii scouts emerge from the Fendenglade, south of Grendon, and discover verdant land they thought was only mythical. They are attacked by superstitious Grendoners and driven back into the Glade.

The Kraalden kingdoms are attacked from below by an ancient enemy, known in Kraalden lore as demons. King Auducas of Cloud Mane issues a call for all Kraald to return to the homeland to fight this enemy. Kraald are forbidden to speak to non-Kraald about this plight.

73 AoC Prince Nikolai reunites the kingdom of Alessandria. He weds the late king Gordion’s daughter Cassandra and is coronated as King Nikolai I.

The capital of Alessandria is temporarily moved to Bromhead, in the Duchy of Vosburg.

The disorganized Grendoners are finally expelled from Academos and the Oelyte people are free once again.

A Templar order of the Church of Diakonoff called Terminus Est is dispatched to Feragoth to face the dark and unholy forces there.

The Empress of Feragothe is deemed a usurper of the former Principality of Haldenweald. King Nikolai sends a fleet of warships to demand the Empress’ unconditional surrender.

The Empress bends her knee to the King’s ambassador and swears fealty as a vassal state of Alessandria.

A Gen’ii warherd mobilizes in the Fendenglade and begins conquering southern Grendon. Many humans are killed.

74 AoC The Sethen Radz Aht Hann clan settles in Feragothe.

The vampires left over from Icarmadoro’s army subdues most of the Free Cities and rule as a dark aristocracy.

Kaetiff sack the Imperial Keep in Feragothe. The Empress is presumed dead.

75 AoC The Imperial Keep is retaken. The Empress is found alive and is reseated on her throne.

The Gen’ii recapture their ancestral homeland and immediately sue for peace and petition for membership in the Peace Council. The Peace Council accepts their claims and officially recognizes them as one of the peaceable races of the world. The Sethen abstain from voting.

All across the world magic begins acting strangely. Spells and enchantments go awry or have unintended effects. In some places reality is rent and magical fissures spring into existence.

76 AoC The vampire lords of the Free Cities petition the Peace Council for membership, declaring that they are a unified race and wish only for peace and prosperity. They are rejected by every member race of the Peace Council. It is widely believed that this was a ploy by the vampires to spread their influence.

The vampires declare themselves to be a sovereign nation: the Vampiric Free Cities of Merdensa.

King Nikolai sends forces to retake the old haunted capital of Kassonglen.

Magic completely stops working. This causes panic of mages all over the world.

77 AoC Magic begins working again, however it still acts strangely. Spells sometimes have unintended results or side effects. It takes many months to normalize.

The Empire of Feragothe is drawn into open war with natives known as Vivallen. The Empire is pushed back to its main cities and fortifications.

After months of struggle Vivallen are defeated, but the strength of the Empire is shattered.

The general populace of the Empire of Feragothe experience unrest. There are growing calls for independence from both the Empire and the Kingdom of Alessandria.

The Kraalden kingdom of Cloud Mane falls to their ancient enemy. Kraalden refugees cross the ocean to Garamont’s Reach.

The private Kraalden war continues on. Kraald still refuse to speak about this enemy to outsiders.

Queen Cassandra becomes pregnant. The King moves the capital back to Kassonglen in Lamoreaux.

78 AoC The Empress disappears. Unrest grows in the Empire of Feragothe. Riots break out in Anchor Point.

The Lords Council of the Empire of Feragothe splits into two factions. One faction petitions the King to depose the Empress.

A representative from Grendon begins sitting in on Peace Council meetings though a second human dignitary was not requested. The Grendoners do not back down and the representative is begrudgingly accepted.

The Oelytes petition the Peace Council to send ambassadors to other races of Merdensa not on the Peace Council, the Uruk’eald and the Kaetiff. The Vamdrenai vehemently object, but lose the vote. Ambassadors are sent out, but both of these races decline.

The Kraald of Cloud Mane have been given leave to settle in the Duchy of Gildea by Regent Duchess Alvery Kiffith.

Duke Erich Halifax, the cousin of King Nikolai I travels to the Empire of Feragothe under orders from the King to investigate the unrest there.

Queen Cassandra births twins, Prince Alfred and Princess Alys.

King Nikolai I dissolves the Empire of Feragothe and re-establishes the Principality of Haldenweald, granting its sovereignty to the twin Prince and Princess.

Duke Halifax is declared Regent of Haldenweald until the royal twins are old enough to assume rule.

The Empress Alexius Lutorus and her lords council are stripped of their titles.

Terminus Est begins a crusade against darkness in the Empire of Feragothe. Ultimately Terminus Est’s forces in the New World are stymied.

79 AoC Archbishop Arden Hallewell, from the Church of Diakonoff’s Order of Divine Faith, arrives in Haldenweald.

Terminus Est accuses the town of Corsotha of attacking them and assassinating their leaders.

The town of Corsotha is put under the control of the Church, under Archbishop Hallewll’s authority, and is now the Constabulary of Corsotha.

A being of divine light appears in Haldenweald and begins attracting a religious following.

80 AoC The Current Year