As of 5/7/2023, we have also rolled out the Magic & Prayers Tome v1.0 and Crafting Compendium v1.0, in addition to the Rulebook v3.0 mentioned below.

Hello there, all you amazing Wyvernites!!

It’s been a minute, for sure, since we have had some news regarding the rewrite. The design team has been working very hard since July on this newest edition of the LARP we all know and love known as Wyvern Rising.  I’m sure many of you are itching to get a glimpse at what we have come up with. 

I have kept most of the progress behind closed doors because I wanted you, as a player base, to see a completed project. Trying to answer feedback when we were literally scrapping ideas and starting over again, would have been confusing and, quite honestly, would have bogged down the development process.  I truly appreciate everyone’s patience while we went at it.  

Well, the wait is finally OVER!  We have officially finished the redesign of the game and put everything into a fabulous rulebook for everyone to peruse.  The rulebook is available on the Wyvern Rising website for your convenience:

Click here to see the Wyvern Rising Rulebook v3.0

We had several goals in mind when we started this process.  We wanted to simplify the mechanics that were cumbersome, expand the mechanics that were vague, eliminate the elements of the game that did not add value to the players, make the game manageable from a staffing perspective and modernize the experience for our players as a whole. With this in mind, nothing was off limits for the design team.  We literally took apart the game from the ground up, the top down and even side to side on occasion. Throughout the last 7 months, the design team worked every week to get us to this point and believe me, there were many challenges. I am proud to say, this design team rose to meet every single one. 

We are extremely excited to present this to you.  Please remember that as you read through the rulebook, everything was designed in a theoretical space.  It is by no means perfect. We did our best to play test some things, but we will need a weekend or two after the weather clears to test more.  We will be scheduling some discord events before the season starts that will allow each of you to voice any concerns or questions you may have.  If something glares out at you immediately, please email staff at [email protected] and we will get back to you quickly.

I am sure that you all have a ton of questions, and that you will have even more while reading through the rulebook.  With that in mind, I have put together a few more notes to help everyone get ready for Season 20 of Wyvern Rising.  They will be coming out shortly. 

Again, thank you!

Rich Wilson
Director, Wyvern Rising