Out of Game Updates

2020 Wyvern Rising Season Cancelled

Pennsylvania State Parks have confirmed that group cabin areas will remain closed through the entirety of the 2020 season. For us, this regrettably means that all 2020 event dates have been cancelled. While we are [...]

June Events Cancelled, May Virtual Meetup

Unfortunately, public use of state parks in the group camping sites at Hickory Run are still unavailable. Park staff is furloughed, the gates are closed. Even if we could get in, the Wyvern Group directors [...]

May Event Cancelled Due to COVID-19

We have an update for you about our schedule for this season in light of the situation regarding COVID-19. At present, the camp has not indicated further closure past May 8. However, the Wyvern Group [...]

Wyvern Rising Patch Notes 2.1

Greetings Wyvernites. The Wyvern Rising Game Staff is pleased to announce the first set of patch notes for the Wyvern Rising Sphere System implemented last year, 2017. We have worked hard on the Sphere project [...]

In-Game Updates

AoC 80 – Spring

Travelers be warned.  A dreadful swamp has been spreading near the town of Corsotha.  Passage into Corsotha remains difficult, with many reports of people becoming lost in the swamp.  Royal authorities recommend that those coming [...]

AoC 79 – Early Winter

Drought Continues to ravage the land of Haldenweald.  Fears of famine are growing across the land.  Hopefully the winter will be mild, and spring will come quickly with new rain.

Who We Are

We are a Northeastern Pennsylvania LARP, or Live Action Role Playing Game. A role-playing game is a form of entertainment in which players create an imaginary persona, or character, and proceed to play out situations and adventures involving that character.

At Wyvern Rising, YOU write the story, and act it out. We’ve been operating since December 20, 2002.



2020 Events

Due to closure of the state park group camping facilities for public health and safety, all Wyvern Rising events scheduled for 2020 have been cancelled.  See here for more information.

April 10-12 – Cancelled
May 8-10 – Cancelled
June 12-14 – Cancelled
June 19-21 – Cancelled
Aug. 7-9 – Cancelled
Sept. 18-20 – Cancelled
Oct. 16-18 – Cancelled