Out of Game Updates

Crafting Updates

Greetings fellow Wyvernites! Today we get to bring you your latest dose of LARP hype, the Season 18 Crafting Patch Notes. (Whoo!) There's a lot to cover, but here are some of the highlights: 1. [...]

Packet Archery Playtest!

Calling all Wyvern Rising Jugglers and Marksmen!   This season, the Wyvern Rising Rules Team will be running a playtest of mechanic new to our game. Packet-Based Archery/Thrown Weapons.   Ultimately, the goal of the [...]

Season 18 First Event – Aug 2021

Hello Wyvern Rising!   We hope you're excited for the first event, which is fast approaching.  Mend your garb and find your item tags, because the first event of Season 18 is about a month [...]

In-Game Updates

AoC 81 – Spring

A new cycle dawns and the accursed drought is still with us.  Peoples from across Haldenweald have banded together to survive.  There are rumors that several supply convoys were seen headed west to Garamont's Reach.

AoC 80 – Spring

Travelers be warned.  A dreadful swamp has been spreading near the town of Corsotha.  Passage into Corsotha remains difficult, with many reports of people becoming lost in the swamp.  Royal authorities recommend that those coming [...]

AoC 79 – Early Winter

Drought Continues to ravage the land of Haldenweald.  Fears of famine are growing across the land.  Hopefully the winter will be mild, and spring will come quickly with new rain.

Who We Are

We are a Northeastern Pennsylvania LARP, or Live Action Role Playing Game. A role-playing game is a form of entertainment in which players create an imaginary persona, or character, and proceed to play out situations and adventures involving that character.

At Wyvern Rising, YOU write the story, and act it out. We’ve been operating since December 20, 2002.

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2021 Events

August 6-8 – Wyvern Rising
Camp Shehaqua 

August 27-29 – Colony Alpha
Camp Shehaqua 

September 10-12 – Wyvern Rising
Camp Shehaqua 

October 1-3 – Colony Alpha
Camp Shehaqua 

October 15-17 – Wyvern Rising
Camp Shehaqua