Wyvern Rising is a live action role-playing game (LARP) based in a medieval fantasy genre. In a LARP, players create a character, and proceed to play out situations and adventures acting as that person.

Think Dungeons & Dragons meets the Renaissance Faire meets improv theatre!


We are busy working with Hickory Run to secure out 2023 Dates. We appreciate your patience!


Why pre-register? Because it helps us to get you into the game faster by speeding up your check in. It also helps us to prepare ahead for your arrival, giving you the best game experience possible!

Out of Game Updates

In-Game Updates

AoC 82 – Summer

As the summer heat bears down on Feragothe, so does a host of unholy the likes of which have not been seen in years.  Farms stand abandoned, mines sit empty, [...]

AoC 82 – Spring

As Winter thaws and spring greets Feragothe, a dark shadow still looms over the land.  While the cursed drought has ended, rumblings and rumors of an underground war have gripped [...]

AoC 81 – Spring

A new cycle dawns and the accursed drought is still with us.  Peoples from across Haldenweald have banded together to survive.  There are rumors that several supply convoys were seen [...]