Early Grendon: A Historical Perspective

Roughly three hundred and fifty-five years before the Age of Council most of what is now northern Grendon was united under the king of Nosgorev, Grend. Fiercely independent, the other northern kingdoms spent many years resisting Grend's campaigns. Grend's resolve won out however (though it is said he had the aid of Elven magiks), and [...]

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The Last Harvest Story

An interview with the native elf A’helor, transcribed by Arcangelir Arensmire The festival of the Last Harvest, known as the Tai'fendel in our tongue, is the celebration of all Kishar has provided for us before the coming of Winter.  It is the last holiday we celebrate before Kishar takes her rest and the world becomes [...]

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The Church of Diakonoff

The Church of Diakonoff in the Human lands is formed from two main sects.  The first, and largest sect, is formally called the Order of Divine Faith. This sect concerns itself with spreading the word of Diakonoff amongst the laity.  The second sect is formally called the Order of Divine Law, and is much smaller [...]

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