Hello, everyone. It’s the Wyvern Group’s directors, Cory, Jessica, Roger, and Jonathan, here. We would like to talk briefly about our projected season for the coming year.
As of last month, Hickory Run State Park had plans to allow for group camping again beginning in April, as per their usual schedule, and they have a long list of new rules and guidelines that come with reopening. After a long time deliberating, the Wyvern Group has decided to move forward with requesting dates for events during the 2021 season. However, this is not without our own rules and guidelines; TWG does -not- feel as though the state of the novel coronavirus and inoculation has reached or will reach a safe threshold to hold events in the spring and early summer. As such, we have decided to request nine weekends spanning both games starting in June and going through October, with the understanding that we may not receive these events and that some or all of these events may be modified or canceled.
TWG takes the health and safety of our players and volunteers very seriously. The rules put forth by the state park are in line with health and disease organizations of the world and they expect their groups to follow them to the letter. And we have decided, internally, that we would and that we would additionally enforce our own set of rules in order to protect the health and lives of our community and their families. We are in the middle of finalizing exactly what a 2021 season for TWG looks like, so we ask that you stay tuned in the coming weeks for updates. Additionally, please know that if we feel as if there is significant risk to our players or volunteers, or if we are advised against gathering by officials, we may modify or cancel an event at any time. We know the inconvenience and disappointment this might cause, but we appreciate your understanding and your patience with us. TWG is committed to doing its part to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus and we are prepared to do what is necessary to maintain safety in regards to gathering for events.
Above all, please remember: Corsotha and LV-34 aren’t going anywhere. We have plans to engage with our players in the 2021 season regardless of where or when we meet. But we -will- be here when this is all over. If we meet in person and you are not comfortable with attending, we encourage you to stay home and stay safe. Our shared hobby is important to us but not more important than you are to us. Lastly, TWG would like to extend its humble thanks to the medical professionals, healthcare and frontline workers, and all those who support our communities during this time and we encourage you to do the same.
Please stay safe and please stay tuned for announcements in the near future.
The Wyvern Group Board of Directors