The Royal Guard

The Duke brought many Royal Guardsmen from Merdensa, but the challenges of ruling this wild land have spread them too thin in places to ensure order and safety of the people . Therefore, the Duke has put out a call for any and all citizens of Corsotha to join the ranks of his guard, and form a guard company based in the Constabulary of Corsotha.

The guard will not just admit anyone, and those who join must go through a selection process. Additionally, the Corsothan regulars will have a membership cap determined by the local commanding officer’s assessment of their needs and resources. Unlike guilds where members can take and choose work as they please at what time they please, the Duke expects all of his guards to practice constant vigilance to his laws, enforcing the laws at all times. The Corsothan regulars are expected to ensure the order of law and safety of Corsotha and surrounding settlements to the best of their ability, to ensure that the laws of Haldenweald are followed and enforced in Corsotha, and to rally to the Crown’s aid when called. In return, members of the guard will receive a small stipend of coin, and a certain measure of armor repair at the Keep each month, depending on their station and experience within the Guard ranks.  There are also frequently volunteer assignments for which bonuses are available.  Those wishing to join the Royal Guard may speak to the captain of the guard, or one of his lieutenants at the Haldenweald Keep.

Royal Guard Assignments