• Change the name of being at 1 Body to “Wounded”
  • Fall Damage added to Glossary
  • Defense Combat Summary updated to be clearer on combat rules
  • Surgical Chamber materials updated
  • Surgeon’s Kit materials updated
  • Signature Passives cooldowns are now 2 minutes, and they all share the same cooldown
  • Capitalist “Shopping AAR” mentioned
  • Human can pick Unskilled Labor instead of another Apprentice Craft
  • Medic Background gives a Surgeon Kit at start
  • Incorporeal definition updated to be more clear
  • Wool Cloth is now just Cloth (Cloth and Silk Cloth are what being used)
  • Update all Complex Alchemy to mention Alchemy Lab
  • Improved Glyph in Crafting Chart updated to say 3 Spell ink
  • Vivallen skill updated to ignore being Wounded
  • Update Crime to be more clear on how skills are used


  • Update Bind with how to untie stuff


  • Update Brand language to clearly disallow adding or altering damage or otherwise to a spell
  • Umbral 1 Spell Blot reverted to Blind
  • Tethering updated to have Arcane Warrior prerequisite
  • Senility removed mindless
  • Coagulation Injury language added


  • Updated Efficiently Armored
  • Updated Juggernaut to mention Efficiently Armored
  • Riposte, Stagger, Exhausting Defense, and Reversal now call “Melee” to avoid confusion


  • Ounce of Prevention updated to be clear on what it works with
  • Surgical Chamber should be referenced in Internal Medicine


  • Coward updated


  • Inlay reworded to work with all materials and weapons, shields, and armor


Updated rulebooks can be found at

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