This was expected to be a large overhaul of the system due to last year being a Beta Test for new rules, so there has been quite a bit staff has been working on behind the scenes. We’ve compiled a summary of changes below, but there is almost certainly more that would just take forever to list.

Summary of Changes:

  • Major changes to Martial, Finesse, and Medicine classes.
  • Minor changes to Cleric, Mage, Alchemy, Mercantile, and Smith classes.
  • Major changes to Combat System in how defense works for the player. Added “Combat Summary” section.
  • Major changes to Magic and Prayers Tome, including Spells, Branded Weapons, Wands, Scrolls, Runes, Glyphs, Rituals, Rites, Prayers, and added new Litanies.
  • Major changes to Crafting. Some recipes reworded. Most occupations and Crafting charts updated with new fixes and other stuff.
  • Major changes to Species and Backgrounds.
  • Created new Keywords section to Appendix, separate from Glossary.
  • Updates to Damage, Healing, and Death sections around Deathblow and Injury.
  • Updates to Weapons and Armor section.
  • Updates to Common Skills. New skills and fixed others.
  • Added clarification around options for AARs to allow any 2 of 3 actions.
  • Updated Carousing section involving Drinking.

For the upcoming season:

  • All players will get a re-write for their characters. Please reach out to a staff member if you have questions regarding the amount of build you have and things like that.
  • All players will get new copies of spells, prayers, rituals, etc. if they got changed and the player had access to it. If something was removed, an equal thing will replace it. For example, you lost a rank 3 spell that you had, so you may pick a new rank 3, etc.).
  • If any items were affected they can be replaced with an equal valued thing.

We’ve opened up a new forum on our Discord over at rules-questions, so please ask your questions in the appropriate thread. If you have a question you don’t necessarily want to discuss publicly, you can send one of us a DM via Discord or send an email to [email protected] and we can chat behind the scenes.

The three updated rulebooks can be found at

If you are still seeing old versions, please hard refresh your browser or clear cache and that should do the trick.