Common Skills

  • Ranger 1 has been updated to allow use of First Aid and Medic on Beasts.
  • Body, Crafting Specialist, Multiclass, Multicraft, and Specialist to mention not needing a teacher to learn.


  • Sacrificial Healing updated to mention can’t be used on Corruption.


  • Updates to passive skills.


  • Updated the item Antibiotics to make it clear its two consecutive periods
  • Update High/Master Quality section in Crafting Compendium. New bonus for shields and items. Made bonuses cumulative. Explains Resist Break better.


  • All Latent Spells/Prayers last till EOP, or until used. Updated due to confusion of how long some stuff lasted. No functional change, just clarification.
  • Feign Death Cantrip and Litany of Spirit updated to mention being motionless during use.


  • Salvage Tags description updated
  • Rules for Chests added to Core Book under Forced Entry & Doors/Chests and added to Woodworker and Toolcrafter.
  • Updated Speed Keyword: Added “Characters are unable to use Speed abilities if they are unable to move at normal speed or can’t use their legs”
  • Updated Uruk, Kraald, Gen’ii, costuming requirements sections.
  • Various spelling/minor issues.

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