Calling all Wyvern Rising Jugglers and Marksmen!
This season, the Wyvern Rising Rules Team will be running a playtest of mechanic new to our game. Packet-Based Archery/Thrown Weapons.
Ultimately, the goal of the playtest is to figure out how to best use packets as an optional replacement for arrows/boffers at our game. So if you’re a character with a bow, crossbow, or thrown weapons (or if you’d like to be), and want to be part of the playtest, please contact the rules team in the #general channel on the Discord server, or at the game. And keep an eye out for a post with the initial playtest rules.
If you do participate in the playtest, please be forewarned that the rules and mechanics for packet-based archery/thrown weapons may change throughout the season, so that the rules team and staff can gauge what works and what doesn’t.
Also, please be aware that the rules for packet archery/thrown weapon in the playtest may not be the same as the finalized rules for it that we hope to put together after this season. In fact, we may even decide the whole mechanic is not going to work for us. This is just a TEST, that is subject to abrupt change/removal at any time.
The existing Archery/Thrown Weapon mechanics will continue normally. So if you are not interested in joining the playtest, nothing needs to change for you.
Thank you,
Wyvern Staff