Hello Wyvern Rising!


We hope you’re excited for the first event, which is fast approaching.  Mend your garb and find your item tags, because the first event of Season 18 is about a month away!  Wyvern Rising’s first event this season will be August 6th-8th at Camp Shehaqua in Hickory Run State Park.  To best satisfy Hickory Run COVID safety requirements, we are requiring event pre-registration.  If you plan to attend the event, you must pre-register using THIS FORM.

Please keep in mind that as previously announced, we are also requiring that everyone provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination at event check-in.  Please review the Wyvern Group Health and Safety Plan for more information

If you’d like to pre-purchase your event credit, service points, or membership, please visit our square store.  You will still be able to pay at the event with cash if you wish

We’re looking forward to seeing all of you and being back in Corsotha.  Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.