It’s been a rough year for everyone for many different reasons. And this has only been compounded by the lack of Wyvern Rising live events. The Virtual Discord events and Virtual Tabletop events have been great, but they can never take the place of getting to see your friends, garb up as your character, and swing a boffer.
The lack of a real life season has been disappointing. But the world of Wyvern Rising continues on. While we hope to keep building the story through our virtual offerings, they’re missing something that the live season has, After Action Reports (AARs)
So, we’d like to announce that every Wyvern Rising player who played in the 2019 season or new players who introduced a character in 2020 get an AAR!
-What time period does this AAR Cover?
The period covered is essentially the time from what would have been the beginning of the 2020 season until “now”. This can include any roleplay/plot that happened at Virtual Discord events or Virtual Tabletop events if you like. The Virtual events that took place this season are canonical but not chronological; you can have participated in them while still utilizing your AAR.
There is roughly 10 months between the start of the 2020 season and the start of the 2021 season, or enough time for your character to have reasonably travelled anywhere in the known world and have done something. Keep in mind when writing your AAR that the round trip time between Corsotha and Merdensa is 3 months, should you decide to go there. This need not all be listed in one email (in case one action or trip impacts another), but keep in mind the 10 month limit!
-What’s been “happening” in Feragothe?
With the lack of a live season this year, not much has really happened “on screen”. You can consider all of the Virtual Discord/Tabletop events to have happened. Corsotha is still surrounded by Swamp. Corsotha is still under stewardship of the Church, a member of which checks in every now and then. The Regent’s guards still patrol occasionally.
-What can/should my AAR say?
Standard AAR rules apply. Try to keep it brief, and feel free to use your AAR skills (e.g., Research). You can use this as an opportunity to tell us what your character has been up to this past year.
-What about AAR Skills?
For each AAR skill (e.g., Research, Arcane Experiment, Contacts), you get 3 uses of each skill for this extended AAR. If your subsequent usages depend on the results of prior usage, you can start with only one use, and email with us back and forth for any follow-up skill usage.
For example, if Shebari wanted to use Alchemical Experiment to create the strongest perfume, she might experiment with one flower during her first email/usage of the skill. After getting the results back from staff via email, she realizes she failed. She would then send a response email back to staff to use Alchemical Experiment again, but now with a different flower. When she gets an email back she is satisfied with her results. Her last email, round 3 usage of the skill experiment, will be to make a Lovely Lizard Love Potion (for hats).
-What about my Crafting AAR?
We are allocating an additional 1260 Crafting minutes. Standard Crafting AAR rules apply. Please note: Crafting during virtual events are currently only canon in the virtual events, but this crafting time during the Crafting AAR will be canon for the Live Action Events (when we meet again) and the Virtual Events.
-One more thing…
Our new Virtual Tabletop tool has given us the capability to play out some in-game mechanics and adventures remotely. While we can’t run a custom virtual tabletop session for each individual player’s AAR, if you decide to do something in your AAR in a group (of say 5-6 characters), we MAY be able to turn that into a virtual tabletop session. We do want to stress that we CANNOT commit to do this for you. The virtual tabletop system is still new to us, and we can’t guarantee staff availability, or that staff availability will match your availability, or that the system is sufficient for us to do so. But if you and several other players want to “go to a place and try to do a thing,” say you’re doing it together and we MAY be able to work something more fun and engaging out.
Your initial AARs are due Friday 11:59pm on January 1st, 2020!
(Any questions about anything 2020 AAR related can be emailed or messaged to us!)
Happy Holidays!
-Wyvern Rising Game Staff