Lynette Dupuis, a low-ranking member of the crowns’ fledgling Guard, has caught wind of new travelers arriving in Corsotha of late. In order to ensure that these new settlers can find their footing (both figuratively and…literally), the guardswoman offers to escort them around the bounds of the settlement and show them the what’s-what of their new environment. Surely not all is quiet on the frontier, however, as danger lurks ever on the outskirts…
Greetings, Wyvernites!
As we are all aware, 2020 posed a unique series of challenges that left Wyvern Rising without a traditional season. Regardless of this, we’ve still been joined by new faces who have proven themselves eager to get involved despite the circumstances!
While the virtual events hosted on Discord and through Foundry VTT have been wonderful for their opportunity to visit Feragothe and interact with one another, those who joined us after the 2019 season haven’t been able to acquaint themselves with the little town of Corsotha the same way the rest of us have.
Well, this certainly will not do!
On Saturday, February 6th at 2:00pm, we’ll be hosting a virtual event for new players designed to introduce them to Corsotha, the game’s setting, and a little of what awaits them in 81 AoC.
We are opening this event to:
-Players who only attended one live event before 2020.
-Players who created their first character in 2020 and attended a virtual event.
-Players who are looking to attend their first ever event this year, whether it is virtual or live.
What can you expect from this kind of event? I’m glad you asked!
-We are using Foundry VTT, a virtual tabletop system. You’ll be given details on how it works, so don’t sweat it if you’re unfamiliar.
-A voice RP session (video is encouraged but not necessary!)
-Light tabletop rules, such as dice rolling and combat (if necessary!)
-An introduction to the game and the setting
-Character building (if necessary!)
-An introduction to the game staff
If you are a new player who is interested in attending, please email us at [email protected]. If you’re interested, but can’t make that February 6th date, please email us anyway so we may begin planning additional events for you for the future!
And if you’re a veteran player who’s excited to get back to Virtual Corsotha, stay tuned for more information!