Greetings Wyvern Players.  

We know it’s been a long time since you’ve been able to be in the world of Wyvern Rising.  The virtual events we’ve thrown have helped fill the void for us a bit, but the nature of how they work limits our ability to really engage and build a story together.  So, today we are announcing a new Wyvern Rising Virtual campaign system.

So what is Virtual Wyvern Rising?  Well, it’s an online tabletop roleplaying adaptation of the Wyvern Rising Larp you all know and love.  It will allow small groups of players, about 5-6, to form groups to take on specific tasks/quests/guild missions/etc in the world of Wyvern Rising, with one (or more) of our staff acting as Game Master.  If you’ve played online tabletop roleplaying games, like D&D via, before, then you should be familiar with how this will work.  If you haven’t, don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it.  Either way, we’d recommend you watch our tutorial video here, to get an idea of how the game will work.  

If you participate in this system, we ask you to PLEASE be patient, be understanding, and be flexible.  This is an entirely new way for us to present Wyvern Rising to our players.  There are going to be a lot of bumps, a lot of retcons, and a lot of rules changes before we really find our footing with this system. If you don’t feel like you’ll be able to deal with frequent rules changing, conflicting rulings, and retcons, you might want to wait to participate until the system is more well-tested. 

Over the next few months, our goal is to have multiple introductory sessions.  The introductory sessions will help you understand how the system works and get your feet wet in virtual Corsotha.  GM-ing small tabletop RPGs is time-consuming, and Wyvern Staff only has so many free hours in the day, so please be understanding that if there’s a lot of interest, we may not be able to accommodate everyone right away.

Here are the first dates  and times we’ll be available to run introductory sessions

Saturday, November 28th 11AM-3PM

Sunday, November 29th 11AM-3PM

Saturday, December 12th 11AM-3PM

Sunday, December 13 11AM-3PM

The overhead of managing scheduling and availability for a bunch of small group campaigns is a bit too challenging for us.  So if you are interested in participating, please put together YOUR OWN party of between 5 and 6 Wyvern Rising Player Players/Characters.  Make sure that the 5-6 people will be available together for at least one of our introductory sessions, and that they generally have similar schedules and can be free together for additional sessions moving forward in January/February.  Once you have your group, email the list of members and the intro sessions you’re all available for to [email protected]

Some questions you might be asking:

Will these campaigns/adventures be canon?  Will they really “have happened” in game?

Our intent is that these adventures take place in the Wyvern Rising game world, with your characters.  We MAY have to retcon some things depending on how games shake out, but we do not intend to, and we will be as transparent as possible if we need to.

What if my character dies in one of these events?  Does it count as a Death?

For now, no.  We don’t want anyone to be hesitant to participate because they’re worried that their hard-built character might die due to wonky online RPG mechanics.  So character deaths will NOT count on your character card.  But that doesn’t mean these will be consequence-free. If you make an enemy during a campaign, don’t be surprised when they show up the next time we’re at Hickory Run….

‘When’ do these events happen in our game timeline?

This will be intentionally a bit nebulous.  They will happen sometime “between” the end of last season, and the next time we can have live games.

We’re sure you probably have more questions.  We can’t promise that we definitely have the answers right away,  but feel free to ask via Facebook or Discord, and we’ll figure it out.  While an online system can’t replace the LARP we all love so much, we’re hoping that this can let us keep building our world together while we can’t have live events.

-Wyvern Game Staff