Camp Rules for Wyvern Rising

Please read the event rules below for attending an event at Wyvern Rising

  • First Aid kits are located in the kitchen behind the tavern and at logistics.
    • If you have a non-emergency first aid need, please see staff or a player who is first aid certified.
    • If you are experiencing a serious medical emergency, please call 911 and inform staff ASAP.
  • No food may be stored in cabins.  All food must be stored in an appropriate storage area located in the tavern/lodge.
  • Native Pennsylvania wildlife can be encountered while camping in a state park.
    • Use caution should you encounter any wildlife while attending the event.
    • Please remember that the term “Bear” refers to a real world animal and when someone hears the shout of “BEAR!”, it is assumed to be a real world bear and proper sheltering practices need to be observed.
    • The term “Ursine” however, is an in-game term and when someone hears the shout of “URSINE!”, it is assumed to be an in-game animal.
  • Please make staff aware of any concerns that you may have regarding your safety or the safety of others.
    • If you are allergic to a particular thing, please let staff know and carry any medications that you may need in case you encounter that allergen.  This can include but is not limited to EpiPens for bee stings, rescue inhalers for asthma attacks, etc…
    • If you see something or someone that is presenting an unsafe environment, please tell staff immediately.
  • You are required to sign up for an NPC shift during an event.  Please arrive timely to logistics when your assigned shift begins.  We want to make sure that the content can continue to flow smoothly throughout the event and that the shift before yours is able to return to the game promptly.
  • Building of campfires is permitted in designated areas throughout the camp.  Please ensure that if you build a fire, someone must remain to attend the fire should an encounter occur.  All fires are to be put out completely using dirt, sand, or water before leaving the area.
  • The kitchen area is open for player use throughout the event and is considered an out of game environment.
    • Please keep your time in this area to a reasonable amount in order to maximize your time at the event.
    • You MUST clean up after yourself when using the kitchen.
    • The doors leading into the kitchen from the tavern are OUT OF GAME, and should not be used except for players who have been given explicit permission from staff.  Please use the entrances from the rear of the kitchen.
    • There will be Wyvern Rising food and drinks stored in the cooler area of the kitchen.  Please do not use these items.  If you forgot something and are in need of food or drinks for the event, please see a staff member for assistance.
    • If you are assigned Bartender duty at the tavern, you are to remain available at the tavern throughout the assigned shift.
  • Please try to limit out of game conversation and activities while you are in the game environment.  If you need to take a break and handle some “real world stuff”, please excuse yourself to a private and/or out of game area so as not to break the immersion of the other players.
  • Vehicles must be moved to the parking lot before lay on can occur.
  • If at any time throughout the event, you have to leave the event, you must stop at logistics to let staff know that you are leaving. We maintain a roster of people who attend the event and this has to be updated for safety reasons.
  • Before checkout, camp areas must be clean and in the same condition, or better, than we found them in.
    • You will be assigned a clean up area and must have the area checked before turning in your card and exiting the event.  Failure to do so will result in zero build earned for the event and possibly you will not be allowed to attend future events.
    • If you are leaving prior to sunday morning, you STILL MUST help with cleanup, see staff for an assignment.
    • In the case of an emergency and you are unable to complete your assigned cleaning, please notify staff of your need to depart.
    • In addition to whatever cleaning assignment you are given, you ALSO must clean and sweep out whatever cabin you stayed in.
  • Please report any and all damages to staff as you find them, even if you caused them.  It is better for us to honestly report our own damage to camp and take responsibility rather than them finding it.
  • Any spell packets, arrows or other items must be picked up and taken with you when you depart the event.
  • You may not enter the camp until you check-in at the Logistics building and show proof of vaccination. Check-in will begin at 3:30PM.
  • Smoking is prohibited except in designated areas.  Please ask staff/players to find the designated areas
    • Do not leave cigarette butts or other smoking detritus.  They must be thrown away.
    • Be considerate of other players sensitivity to smoke
  • Finally, have fun!

Thank you,

Wyvern Rising Staff