Greetings Wyvernites!

Are y’all hyped up for the first event of Season 19?!!  I know the staff is!!

We know that there have been a lot of rules and guidelines coming at you in recent weeks.  These announcements are designed to give everyone as much information as possible so that we can get the game moving as early as we can.  So thank you for bearing with us!

As we get imminently closer to the launch of this season, we wanted to cover some stuff that will be happening at this event.

  •  Event Fee
    • The event cost is $55.00 USD.
    •  $50.00 USD event fee + $5.00 USD for your yearly membership.
    • Additional Service Build is available for purchase at $10.00 USD per 100 service points.
      • You may purchase up to 400 service points per event.
      • Service points are redeemed at a rate of 100 service points per 1 build point.
      • For this season only, you may turn in up to 400 service points per event for a maximum of 4 build that are usable at check in.   Skills are not available for purchase at check in.
    • We will be taking cash at logistics so please try to have exact change.
  • Check-In
    •  Check-in will begin at 4:00PM on Friday.
      • Please do not arrive any earlier than 4:00PM.
    • Please ensure that you are stopping at logistics before you head to your cabin.  We will have the entire staff at logistics to help the check-in process so we can move everyone along as quickly as possible.
    • You are required to show proof of vaccination as per the Wyvern Rising COVID policy.  The policy was posted to the website and discord for your reference.
    • Upon checking in, you will need to read the code of conduct and Event Rules and then sign the waiver form.
    • You will be assigned a cleanup shift at this time.
    • Please sign up for your NPC shift at this time.  To make it fair for everyone, especially those that are helping out, we ask that you check in before you begin helping with camp setup. No one wants to check-in after helping with setup for an hour or two, only to find out that they get the last pick of the available NPC shifts.
    • We ask that everyone get to their cabins and unload their gear so that we can move quickly through opening ceremonies into Layon at 8pm.
    • We will not be checking-in at the tavern.
    • You will be given your previous event’s card and your new card for the current event.
      • The current event’s card must be kept on your person at all times during the event.
      • You will be given a Ziploc bag to turn in the card with.  Please make sure that all in game money is in the bag with your card when you turn it in.
  • Opening Ceremonies
    • Will be held at 6:30pm sharp and will not last more than 15 minutes or so.
    • Remember there will be New Player training immediately following open ceremonies, so any concerns can be addressed at that time.
  • Closing Ceremonies
    • Closing Ceremonies will begin promptly at 9am Sunday.
    • Camp Cleanup will begin Sunday morning following closing Ceremonies, and must be finished by 11am.
      • Please clean and sweep out your personal cabins first.
      • Each person will be assigned an area in the camp that they are to help clean up.
        • If you do not help in your assigned area for clean up, you will not receive the event build.
    • Once you have completed your assigned clean up task, please report to logistics to have your card signed by a staff member, placed in the Ziploc bag, and turned in.

One last thing,

What part will you play?