Greeting Wyvernites!

As we get closer to the launch of Season 19, staff would like to get everyone on the hype train with some fun changes!

During the Event

We would like to try and begin the main mod much earlier than previous seasons and to help us do so, we are going to try the following changes this season:

  • We have decided not to offer a feast this season. You will have regular access to the kitchen as needed.
  • In order to provide a period of rest that the feast would normally provide, we are instituting a “cool down period” after main mod on Saturday night. This time will be flexible, as the main mod will take as long as it takes. This “cool down period” will be a “non-combat” period of time lasting roughly an hour and a half when staff will not be sending in combat NPCs. This does not prevent PvP interaction. Though there will be RP interaction happening. During this cool-down period you will be able to take time to make something to eat, go to your cabin, get some fluids, and basically, get ready for the next round.

Earned Build (for Season 19 only)

Earned build will be as follows this year:

  • Each player will earn 6 build for attending the event.
  • Anyone who NPC’s for the FULL event will earn a full event’s worth of earned build.
  • You are permitted to turn in up to 400 service points per event.
  • You may purchase up to 400 service points at the event at the rate of $10 per 100 service points.
  • You are permitted to turn in up to 400 service points per event (100 service points = 1 build). These must be turned in at check-in.

Skill Learning (for Season 19 only)

In addition to learning skills at the event, we will be adding the ability to learn an additional skill between events for this season:

  • Your character may choose to learn up to 2 skills between events this season. In order for your character to learn a skill between events.  You must be able to accurately indicate another willing character, NPC, or specific area in game that you know the skill will be available and cite this on your card when you turn it in. Should you choose to cite an NPC to learn a skill from, it will remain at staff’s discretion whether the skill is learned.Example:  Sir Darius wishes to learn Rites 3.  He knows that Tyrin has Rites 3.  I write on my character card “Darius seeks out Tyrin and learns Rites 3”.  Provided that Tyrin does indeed have Rites 3, and Darius possesses the necessary unspent build and has met all the prerequisites, the skill will be added to his character card.

As always, we look forward to seeing everyone at the events this season!

~ Wyvern Staff