Greetings Wyvernites!
Thank you again to everyone who participated in our most recent virtual tavern. We do intend to host some more interactive virtual events in the future, so stay tuned.
In addition to the virtual events, Wyvern Rising staff, along with many volunteer players, have also been working hard in this long off-season to refine the rules, website, crafting, and player engagement of Wyvern Rising so that we can have a better game experience for all when we can have live events again.
To help us continue to move forward with improvements to our LARP system and events, we would like to survey you, the players, to learn what you’re looking for in a LARP, understand what you like about Wyvern Rising, and figure out what you think needs improvement.
The survey will be anonymous, so you can provide candid feedback. To facilitate this, we’ll be using a Google Form, so you will need to have a Google Account (which is free) to take the survey. While we do ask for your candor on the anonymous survey, we would remind you to please keep all criticism constructive, so we can understand how to address any issues you might have with the game.
So if you are interested in taking the survey, we would ask you to do the following:
-Send an email from your google account to [email protected] with “Request for Wyvern Rising Player Survey – <Your Real Name> – <Google account email address>” as the subject.
For example, “Subject: Request for Wyvern Rising Player Survey – Jeff Emerick Vernon – [email protected]
-We will accept survey requests for one week. If we have enough interested participants that we’ll have an acceptable survey sample size, we will then email you a link to take the survey to the gmail address of the google account you provided us.
-You will then have one week to fill out the survey and submit your results. While you will need to be logged into your google account to take survey, it will not collect the email address with your survey results, to keep your identity anonymous.
Thank you in advance for your feedback.
-Wyvern Rising Staff