Hello Wyvernites! It’s been too long. We hope you’re all doing well and staying safe. We miss you all. We miss Corsotha. And we’re looking forward to the day we can all meet up there safely again.

In the meantime, the Wyvern Rising Staff would like to invite you to a virtual in-game meetup this month. This won’t be as much of a “virtual event” as our past few offerings, but just a scheduled time for all interested players to come together in-character to roleplay with each other. We won’t be moving forward any specific plot, but don’t be surprised if a few of your favorite NPCs drop in to say hello (hey, staff wants to RP too).

So join us for a Wyvern Rising Virtual Tavern, Saturday, September 26th from 4-8PM.

The Virtual Tavern will take place on our Discord server in the #ig-the-iron-dragon-tavern, and #ig-saint-beshials-abbey. The many #oog servers will be monitored by staff to the best of their ability, to answer questions. Before the Virtual Tavern, you are required to change your display name in the server to the character you are intending to attend as, as well as your name in the format “Character Name (Alias/Legal First Name)”. The Virtual Tavern will be moderated by the staff.

If you have a character residing in Corsotha (even if your After Action Report has called them away from the town) you may attend this event as that character. If you do not, don’t worry! Message this page or get a hold of us on Discord if you’d still like to attend the event; this includes if you do not have a character readily available or if you have not attended the game for awhile. We require that all players introducing a new character please contact us ahead of time; Please do so ASAP.

Players may role-play with or use non-combative skills, but direct usage must be approved by a moderator (i.e. feel free to read from a book with Literacy or bottle a potion you were simmering, but something such as to identify a component or some magic will require special permission).

Facebook Event:


Wyvern Rising Discord: https://discord.gg/y7Yb4WE

What part will you play?