Twinblades Mercenary Company

The Twinblades are a famed mercenary company from Merdensa, founded by the war hero Aramis Capet and her compatriot, Collin. The Twinblades have come to Haldenweald to seek out new fortunes. The frontier is always wanting for strong arms to defend people and goods, or men and women of action to take on bandits and violent natives to protect the citizens of Haldenweald. And the Twinblades are always up to the task, provided you have the coin. The company is mostly made up of strong fighters, but they’re always open to members who can be of service in different ways. The Twinblades will take on almost any contract if the pay is good enough, provided that it’s in accordance with the Duke’s wishes.

Having been called away on urgent matters, Aramis has left her co-captain Collin in charge of the Twinblades. Those looking to join the mercenary company may seek them out at their camp west of Corsotha, office in Anchor Point, or speak to their guild representative at the Haldenweald Keep.

Twinblades Quests