The Iron Tortoise Adventurer’s Guild

This guild is a loose coalition of adventurers looking for fame, fortune, or just interesting places on the wild continent of Feragothe. The Iron Tortoise takes up a variety of contracts and jobs, and also searches out their own interesting work in Feragothe. They have good relationships with most other guilds and religious orders, and most of those guilds will accept Iron Tortoise members at a higher introductory rank, knowing that the Iron Tortoise has overseen their tutelage and adventures.

OOG: This is an introductory guild that ANY new character (or existing character) can join automatically. At any time, they can transfer their Iron Tortoise Experience Points (max 120) to any other in-game guild, leaving the Iron Tortoise guild. They may enter the new guild with their Iron Tortoise experience points, and even use those points to enter the guild at a higher rank (if they meet the other requirements).


Iron Tortoise Quests