The Griot Guild

The Griot Guild is seeking poets, writers, musicians, performers, and raconteurs.  Griot is dedicated to recounting world-shaping events to the people through poetry, prose, song, and performance.  While “The Lead” does remind all members that there must be truth to their tales, Griot members are also encouraged to use lavish language and embellishments, to keep a captive audience.  Their accounts may be published in letters, told in taverns, sung by town criers, or performed.  First hand knowledge from primary sources to inform a member’s tale will receive higher marks, but a thrilling rendition of any narrative will be reviewed for publication.  The Griot Guild runs the Frigid Flame Theater and Tavern in Anchor Point.  Those wishing to join them may seek them out there, or see their guild representative at the Haldenweald Keep.

Griot Guild Quests