Luminosa College of Physickers

Named in honor of a skilled healer, sent to Corsotha by the Church of Diakonoff and her own faith in the Gods, the Luminosa College of Physickers is an organization dedicated to the studying, teaching, and providing of medical care.  The college runs a sanitarium in Anchor Point, where students are taught and the ill are cared for.  The skilled physicians produced by the College are renowned, and can be found all across Haldenweald.  Some are contracted by the Crown or the Church to dispense medical aid to the people.  Others find themselves in service of mercenary companies like the Twinblades, or the Regent’s guard, patching up wounded warriors after melees.  Others still strike off on their own to find people that need their care, or their teaching.  Those interested in joining the Luminosa College of Physickers can inquire at the Sanitarium in Anchor Point, or contact their representative at the Haldenweald Keep. 

College of Physickers Guild Quests