Fellowship of the Grove

In ancient times, there were orders who tended the forests and natural splendor of the world, gathering unto them fellowships that would aid in their efforts. Those who joined them were people who had an affinity for nature, worshipers of Mother Kishar, mages who studied Life magics, and even those who mastered nature in more mundane ways. The orders would organize these people and create Groves wherein their fellows could congregate. These Groves were imbued with supernatural energies, making them more fertile, more hidden, and more protected than any part of the surrounding forest. These practices were lost over the ages as lands were “civilized” and cultivated by the rapidly developing cultures of Merdensa, and the ancient orders dwindled in number, relegated to the few wild forests remaining.

Some few of those who remained have come to Feragothe, whose forests have been untouched for centuries, to seek out kindred spirits, and to experience this new “wild” continent.  To that end, a new Grove fellowship has been founded in Feragothe that welcomes all who love and respect the natural world, colonists and natives alike.  Dedicated to preserving the splendor of Feragothe’s forests, this new Fellowship has been sanctioned by the Regent as a quasi-religious organization.  You can find it’s members wandering the forests of Feragothe, or seek out their representative at the Haldenweald Keep.

Fellowship of the Grove Quests