As we move into season 19 of Wyvern Rising, we have some staffing announcements. Wil Freeman and Lauren Alvear have stepped down as directors of our organization, and from staffing Wyvern Rising. Zach Wydawski has also stepped down as a director of our organization.  And Josh “Beaker” Beadle has stepped down as Wyvern Rising Staff. We want to thank all of them for all the work they’ve done for Wyvern Rising, and Colony Alpha.  While they may have stepped down as staff/directors, they’ll always be part of our community, and we’re looking forward to having them as players.

As previously announced, Rich Wilson has stepped up to become a director of our organization, and to lead the staff of Wyvern Rising. Jessica Dessino, Cory Brinn, and Charlotte Jacobson remain as directors to support him and the game. To help Rich run the game this season, our staff will include some new faces.

Staff for Season 19 will be:
Jeff Emerick Vernon
Margaret Emerick Vernon
Andrew Schroker
Mark Hunsinger
Mike Davidick

All of us are long-time players, and excited to add to our world and continue the Wyvern Rising story, collaboratively with you.  All of us view Wyvern Rising not just as a game, but as a community.  Our hope is to be a good stewards of this community, and to lead it in a way that provides you all exciting moments, interesting stories, and opportunities for friendship and fellowship.

One of the things we think is most compelling about Wyvern Rising is its deep lore and long-running plot.  We look forward to building on those parts of our game, but we also realize that stories at some point need to end.  So, the events this season will serve as a finale of sorts.  Not a finale of the game or game world, but a finale of some long-running game plot, some of which that have been around since the beginning in one way or another.  We hope to bring you an engaging conclusion to some of these plots this season.  So prepare for an action-packed and higher-stakes set of events this year.  The three events of season 19 will be intense.

Moving forward into season 20 of Wyvern Rising, we hope to have more of a narratively “clean slate” for the game, which we, and future staff, can use to better tell new stories set in the Wyvern world, less encumbered by plot lines that were started so long ago.  As part of this, we also hope to make some updates to our game system and character system to make things less complex, less confusing, and more welcoming to new players.  We haven’t nailed down what these changes are yet entirely, and we hope to find a way to engage with our community (aka YOU!) to build a game that we all enjoy, and that can stand the test of time for 20 MORE years.

We’re all looking forward to a great season with you.  And more to come.