We have an update for you about our schedule for this season in light of the situation regarding COVID-19. At present, the camp has not indicated further closure past May 8. However, the Wyvern Group does not feel as though technicalities outweigh the significant risks gathering places upon our community. As such, we have decided to cancel our May 8-9 event. As regrettable as a decision this is to make, we place the health and safety of our players and staff members before all else and stand by that choice.

To go along with this update to our schedule, we have decided to change the June 12-14 Colony Alpha event at Camp Shehaqua to a Wyvern Rising event. All other events this season are currently still proceeding as scheduled.

We understand this is unfortunate news for Corsothans and Colonists. Keep in mind that we are doing our best to keep the games on track and we are staying busy despite the lockdown. In fact, the Wyvern Rising game staff would like to invite you to a day of role-playing in our Discord server this Saturday, April 25th. If you have attended our events like this in the past, you might expect something similar. Look forward to some staff NPCs, player interactions, and a special in-game announcement! There will be more information and a Facebook invite event going live this evening, so keep on the lookout!

So stay safe everyone. What have you been doing to pass the time? Is everyone’s LARP laundry done? Tell us what your character’s goals are for this season. Want to share some crafting advice? Most importantly, we’d like to know…

What part will you play?

The Wyvern Group Board of Directors