Howdy Wyvernites! more incoming patch notes for you!

The Engagement team and staff have added a few new documents that will benefit new and seasoned players!

We have updated our new player information webpage to include the “New Player Packet”. This printable PDF includes:

-New player manual (such as contacts, emergency info, important terms, etc)

-New Player Tips and Tricks to LARP

-Check in System

-Maps of camp Daddy Allen and camp Shehaqua

Your First Event

One thing we would like to highlight from the New Player Packet is the Check in System.

Please note: The Check in System is only to circumvent holds and to not draw attention to yourself. If at any time you are uncomfortable with a situation and hand signals are not working, please call a HOLD!

When someone makes an OKAY sign over their chest, they are asking you a question. They are asking you how you feel about the role play encounter you are currently in.

You are required to respond to their question non-verbally (though you can verbally out of game) with one of the following three hand gestures.

  1. THUMBS UP for “I’m good, keep roleplaying at this level.”
  2. PARALLEL PALM TO GROUND for “Keep roleplaying, but tone the roleplay back a little/ I’m not fully comfortable.”
  3. THUMBS DOWN for “I am uncomfortable with this roleplay, and I am excusing myself from this encounter.”

Once you answer, you are welcome to ask them if they are okay by making the OKAY sign over your heart.

Anytime during the game; if you want to signal non-verbally how you feel please use the THUMBS UP, FLAT PALM, THUMBS DOWN.

For reference photos of these hand signals, please see the New Player Manual!


-Wyvern Game Staff