In an effort to make ranged combat more accessible and safe, Wyvern Rising allows the use of “packets” to represent ranged projectiles. Players may continue to use real bows as ranged weapons, granted they pass inspections according to bow specifications. Please refer to the rule book for details.

All Marksman skills may be used with a Boffer Bow, Launcher Bow, or Packet Bow. All Juggler skills may be used with Thrown Weapons and Thrown Packets.

A character who has the skill Bow or Crossbow grants the ability to use Launcher and Packet Bows, as defined in the table below. In addition, players who have the Thrown Weapon skill grants the ability to use Thrown Packets, as defined below.

Type Description
Boffer Bow (phys rep crossbow or bow) A functional bow that shoots boffer arrows or similar equivalent.
Launcher Bow (phys rep crossbow or bow) A functional bow that mechanically shoots spell packets via a slingshot-type mechanism.
Packet Bow (phys rep crossbow or bow) A non-functional bow, where the mechanism of action is a player mimicking drawing a string and throwing a packet using their arm. To use a Packet Bow, a character must carry a bow or crossbow facsimile with them as a phys rep. This can be a legal boffer weapon of the approximate size of a bow shaft, a phys rep bow that would be legal to use as a Boffer or Launcher Bow (strung or unstrung), or a similar equivalent as approved by game staff.
Thrown Packets Using spell packets as a phys rep for the Thrown Weapon skill.


All characters who intend to use Launcher Bows, Packet Bows, or Thrown Weapon Packets must carry some sort of quiver phys rep on their person for arrows, or a knife holder or similar thrown weapon case to represent space the ammunition takes up on their body. For each quiver carried on their body, an archer may fire 12 packet arrows without needing to regather or recollect them. For each thrown weapon case a character wears, they may throw 6 packet weapons without needing to regather or recollect them.

A character may wear multiple quivers/multiple weapon cases to increase their ammunition capacity. These quivers/cases do not need to contain anything inside them out of game, but must be worn/be within arm’s reach of the person using them to be usable.

Quivers and weapon cases need not be empty out of game while serving as representation for ammunition. They may contain OOG items such as cell phones, water bottles, lighters or other props. Other IG items should not be stored in them.

Examples of holders:

  • Quiver: A vertical shoulder strap arrow quiver, a leg strap hip quiver, a horizontal belt strap crossbow quiver.
  • Thrown Weapon Case: A baldric belt knife holder, a bracer or biceps guard potion bottle holder, a messenger bag with knife slots, a picnic basket full of rocks.

Quivers and weapon cases do not require an in-game tag for representation.

All quivers and weapon cases are subject to cursory staff/rules staff approval. Good faith in representing ‘carrying your ammunition’ is the goal here.


Type Description
Launcher Bow May make attacks as quickly as they can load, aim and shoot their ammunition while making clear, distinct, and loud damage/effect calls.
Packet Bow Player must make a non-verbal 3-count, mimic drawing the bow, and throw the spell packet.

May make attacks as quickly as they can load, aim and shoot their ammunition while making clear, distinct, and loud damage/effect calls.

Thrown Packets May make attacks as quickly as they can draw and throw spell packets. No more than one packet may be held in each hand for this purpose. They must be drawn from an external source such as a bag, pocket, or belt (no cauliflowering, or holding multiple packets in one hand at a time).

Once a fight or mod has begun, a character may not switch back and forth between Boffer, Packet, and Launcher archery at will. A character must designate a style of archery to a specific phys rep and item tag. If a character is to switch archery phys rep styles during a mod, they will need to physically switch bows and have different item tags for those bows.

In the event of equipment failure (e.g. string, nock, boffer tip become damaged, unsafe, or non-functional etc.) any archer may switch to Packet archery for the purposes of maintaining safety. Once this switch is made, the archer must continue to use Packet archery for the remainder of the fight/mod for their bow combat.

NOTE: There is no difference in damage amount between packets and normal arrows or thrown weapons at this time. We are aware of this as a potential balancing factor and are omitting it intentionally to experiment with its necessity.

Projectile Collection

A character may, at any speed which they are capable, physically regather the actual packets used as ammunition in their Launcher, Thrown Packets, or Packet Bow for re-use. Alternatively, a character may ‘recollect’ ammunition as to not have to focus on where each packet landed.

To ‘recollect’ arrows/thrown weapons without item tags while combat is occurring within 100 feet of them, a character must role-play searching for the arrow or weapon for a 10 count, must stay in motion for the duration of the count, and must move at least 10 feet during the full duration of their search. Characters may search for multiple arrows/weapons consecutively in this way within the same 10-foot movement, but must do individual 10 counts for each.

To ‘recollect’ arrows/thrown weapons without item tags OUT of combat, a character must role-play searching for the arrows/ weapons for a 10 count to recover 3 pieces of ammunition.

To ‘recollect’ arrows/thrown weapons with item tags, a character must begin their ‘recollection’ within approximately 5 feet of the location of the last intended target location that the arrow/weapon was used and role-play searching for that arrow/weapon for a 10 count. This must be done for each piece of ammunition to be recollected. Once recollected, this piece of ammunition may be represented by any spell packet and used again.

Tagged Projectiles

Normal quality projectiles do not require tags to be used in game, However, any arrows/thrown weapons that do have an associated item tag (silver arrows, mithril throwing knives, etc.) must be tracked by the player so that they do not expend more than the amount of tagged items in their possession. These projectiles still count towards any Quiver or Case limits.

Archers/Jugglers will make all good faith attempt to represent all special effects of tagged items appropriately.

Example: Zack loads a packet into his Launcher Bow on the way to a fight and decides that it is one of his Silver arrows. Upon arriving to the fight, Zack sees an opponent that he knows not to be vulnerable to Silver. Zack can not fire that same packet and call the damage as one of his Master Quality Iron arrows without unloading the packet and reloading a new one.