Burning and Exploding Structures

The formula for Base Structural Integrity:

Construction Type (multiplier) x Building Size = Total Base Structural Integrity

  • Wood = a multiplier of 1
  • Mixed (wood and stone) = a multiplier of 2
  • Stone = a multiplier of 3


Building Construction Type


Building Size Total Base Structural Integrity
Tavern Wood 100 100
Abby Stone 40 120
Protectorate Wood 60 60
Library Wood 48 48
Lodge Wood 40 40
Cabin Wood 18 18



Structural Integrity Points are not the same as Body Points. Weapon strikes will not cause a building to lose structural integrity points.

Damage from fire cannot exceed 25% of a stone building’s structural integrity.

A building of mixed construction has double the amount of base structural integrity points a similar building of wood would have. A building entirely made of stone has triple the amount of base structural integrity points a similar building of wood would have.

Other factors may be used to increase a building’s structural integrity point total (such as out-of-the-ordinary materials or precautions, magical wards, or blessings). These factors will modify integrity points based off the “Total Base Structural Integrity” on a case-by-case basis.

Explosive charges cause triple (3x) damage to structures.


Explosive Damage = Structural Damage

If the damage from explosives reaches or exceeds the building’s Total Structural Integrity, the building is entirely and irreparably demolished.


Fire Damage

A fire is set by constructing and lighting an Ignition Point, which requires 5 minutes of role playing. Fires cause 3 Structural Damage every 10 minutes. The integrity points are lost at the end of the 10-minute period.

Setting additional ignition points beyond the first can increase this damage by 1 Structural Damage point PER 10 minute burn period PER additional ignition point first. Each additional burn point requires 5 minutes of role playing to set.

With the proper use of oil, the time needed to construct an ignition point can be reduced. Using one gallon of oil will reduce the role playing time needed to construct and light an ignition point to 1 minute, instead of 5 minutes.

Oil can also be used to speed up the burning process of a building. Spreading one gallon of oil PER each 10 of the building’s structure points will count as one extra ignition point on the building. This will therefore add plus one damage to each 10 minute burn period.  (Cannot exceed +1 Ignition Point by this means)

When calculating fire damage, fires do –1 damage PER 10 minute burn period in light rain, and –2 damage PER 10 minute burn period in heavy rain.


Controlling a Structural Fire

A controlled fire is still burning, but is not causing any more structural damage.  

In order to control a fire, 1 person is required per 3 points of structural damage caused by the current fire.  The time required to extinguish a fire depends on the amount of structural damage it caused.  The fire is extinguished at a rate of 10 minutes per 3 points structural   damage accrued per person above the amount required to control the fire.

Example:  A building has been burning and has accumulated 15 points of structural damage from the fire.  5 people are needed to control the fire.  If six people are present, the fire will be extinguished in 50 minutes ((15 SD/3 x 10 min)/ 1 person).  If 8 people respond, the fire will be extinguished in 20 min ((15 SD/3 x10 min) /3 people).   

Special Rules

Apprentice Craft Firefighter—Counts as 2 People.

Journeymen—Count as 3 people.

Master—All persons under their direction count as 2 persons.