It is always important to remain safe during the event. The Wyvern LLC takes great care to provide a safe and fun environment for all that attend. Keep the following in mind during the event.

First Aid Safety

Accidents happen, and it is extremely important that you report any injury to a Staff Member, Director, or Marshal immediately.  There are 2 First Aid kits on site at all times, one in Logistics and one in the Kitchen.  We are also in contact with the Hickory Run Rangers in case of severe emergencies. We will always place your safety over everything else, so please do not be afraid to communicate with us.

Wildlife Safety

Wildlife encounters will inevitably occur at  events, and while most of these encounters are harmless, occasionally you will encounter animals who can be very dangerous. If at any time you aren’t sure whether a sound you hear in the camp is another player, NPC, or a wild animal, you are encouraged to ask ‘Are you in game?’ If you are asked such a question, you must respond clearly, before resuming your actions. Failure to respond to an out-of-game safety question will result in disciplinary action.

In order to avoid encouraging wildlife activity close to the player cabins, please do not keep any food or strong-scented products in your cabin. If you do keep toiletries with strong scents, please keep them sealed tightly in their original packaging, within a plastic bag, that is then placed inside your tote or Duffel bag. All food should be taken to the Mess Hall and placed in the cooler behind the kitchen. In the event that you observe any dangerous animals anywhere in the camp (bears, coyotes, big cats), you must report the sighting to a Marshal, Staff Member, or Director as soon as you are able to.

Fire Safety

Fires are only permitted in fireplaces or already-existing fire rings. If Hickory Run declares a fire ban, you will be informed at opening ceremonies. If you miss opening, please ask a Marshal, Staff Member, or Director whether it is safe to start a fire in one of the aforementioned areas prior to doing so.

Use of candles & open flames is prohibited. Tiki torches may be used outside, but should be clear of any branches or brush, as well as placed at least 5 to 10 feet from any structure.