Camp Cleanup

Hickory Run management has advised that beginning this season, we must check out of camp at Noon on Sunday. In light of this, we will be halting game play at 8:00 AM on Sunday of the event and having our closing ceremonies. To expedite our clean up procedures, we have created a Task List that details the different clean up duties needed to get the camp taken care of prior to the early check out time.

During check-in, when you sign up for your NPC shift, you will also pick a task off of a list. This task must be completed prior to your exit from camp and signed off on by a Marshal, Staff Member, or Director in order to earn your build for the weekend. If you leave Saturday night, we will have duties available for those who exit the camp early, that can be completed prior to you leaving. As with our NPC shifts, if you do not complete this, you do not earn your build.

While we have had a lot of wonderful players assist us after events with cleanup, it is usually the same core people sacrificing their time, which is unfair. Everyone who participates in Wyvern Rising is expected to assist with cleanup, not only to expedite our cleaning time, but to provide a fair environment to all. We no longer have the luxury of checking out at 2 or 3 PM any longer and we hope you can understand why this change was necessary.

After closing ceremonies, you will have 45 minutes to have all of your cabin belongings packed and moved to your vehicle. Once you have emptied and swept your cabin and have packed your belongings, you will start on your cleanup task. We understand this checkout process is extremely different and massively time-dependent, but the faster we can get cleaned up and get out of camp, the faster we can all potentially gather for lunch somewhere to hang out and talk about the event!

Thank you!