Wyvern Rising Staffing Overview

Game Directors

Directors manage the Wyvern Rising organization, which includes both the Wyvern Rising game and the Colony Alpha Game, as a whole, including:

  • Selecting/Approving Staff members for the games
  • Managing Wyvern Rising Organization Finances
  • Managing relationships with Hickory Run, including submitting event date requests
  • Scheduling Wyvern Rising and Colony Alpha Events, in coordination with staff members
  • Setting organization-wide policies (e.g. Harassment policy, ethics policy)
  • Handling complaints and violations of organization-wide policy
  • Mediating conflicts between staff members/groups
  • Overseeing the direction of both games

While they are generally not involved in actually executing and staffing the games, unless they are also staff members, directors do have the power to intervene and prevent changes to the games if they feel staffers are abusing their privileges. Directors may be players, or they may be game staff. When they are players, they usually will not have immediate knowledge of events/plots that are happening in-game. Directors positions are generally permanent, unless the director steps down.

Current Directors:
Jessica Dessino
Roger Thrash
Cory Brin

Game Staff

Game Staff are responsible for running the Wyvern Rising Game, including:

  • Planning/Writing Wyvern Rising Plot & Events
  • Making/Approving changes to game rules and mechanics
  • Answering player questions and addressing player concerns.
  • Approving changes to game rules and mechanics made by the Rules Team
  • Coordination need for props/costumes/settings with the Production Team
  • Coordinating with Player Engagement Team to engage players, integrate player-centric plots/storylines, and acclimate new players
  • Creating/Controlling Wyvern Rising NPCs
  • Staffing Logistics During Wyvern Rising Events
  • Any additional coordination with additional staff groups and directors necessary for the game to run

Due to their knowledge of immediately ongoing plot, and the requirements of their position, game staff are generally not also “players”, who regularly play their own character during the game. People can stay on Game Staff as long as they like, but typically its preferred that people commit to staff for at least an entire game season. Game staff generally deal with short-term “seasonal” and “episodic” plot. Because there is an expectation that they’ll return to being players after staffing, they aren’t made aware of any of the “deep” world-lore or long-term plots, unless those things have an immediate impact on the shorter-term plot they are running. While all staff members are involved in all aspects of running the game, each has a specialty and works especially with one of the player staff teams.

Assistant Core Staff

Assistant Staff is a group of people that are trusted to perform some, but not all, staff responsibilities. Assistant staff may, or may not be, full-time players. Assistant staff are trusted to:

  • Monitor and Run Logistics
  • Supervise, execute, and marshal mods/encounters
  • Perform other duties and fulfill other roles as defined/needed by the Game Staff
  • Answer questions regarding information about the game/setting

While they are trusted to perform many staff functions, it’s important to remember that many ‘Assistant Staff’ are players themselves, and there are some staff functions they generally do NOT perform:

  • They are not there to manage player complaints about the game, the other staff, or game mechanics
  • They do not deal with player interpersonal problems or violations of the code of conduct
  • Most Assistant Staff will not know what’s going on “behind the scenes” with game plot, and will not be able to answer plot questions. Unless, the individual assistant staff is running a particular plot.
  • They will not necessarily be able to make rulings about skills or game mechanics. You should always ask game staff or rules marshals for rulings FIRST. If they are unavailable, you MAY ask an assistant staff, but they are not required to give a ruling.


The loremasters are the people who know the “deep secrets” of the Wyvern Rising world. They know the true world-lore, and plan the long-term trajectory of the game and it’s plots. They serve as a reference to game staff and work with them to ensure lore consistency and execute long-term game plot. While they have knowledge of all canonical lore, and the long-term plot direction of the game, they may still be full-time players as they don’t necessarily know the details of all short-term plot and event plans (unless they are also game staff). They are responsible for:

  • Documenting and maintaining game lore
  • Serving as a game staff reference resource to ensure that season/event plot is consistent with overall game lore
  • Serving as a reference to ensure that any rules/mechanics changes are consistent with overall game lore
  • Managing necessary retcons
  • Maintaining a network of old players/staffers/directors that can answer questions about particular parts of the game lore and history.

Current Loremasters:
Jessica Dessino
Cory Brin

Player-Staff Teams

These groups are made up of people who are, for the most part, players at Wyvern Rising events. They work with the Game staff between events and/or at events to facilitate certain parts of running the game that are separate from the plot. Player-Staff teams are organized by the game staff, who determine the size and personnel on each team. At the moment, there are 5 player staff teams and the head publican:

Wyvern Rising Rules Team are responsible for clarifying, updating, documenting, and tweaking rules and mechanics for the Wyvern Rising Game, including:

  • Acting as Rules Marshalls at the game to resolve rules disputes, monitor player activity for abuse, and resolve rules disputes
  • Proactively seeking to identify possible rules issues before they cause a problem
  • Proposing changes to existing rules/mechanics or entirely new rules/mechanics
  • Proposing and creating new rites/rituals/prayers/spells/recipes/skills/spheres/etc.

Rules Team Staff Members: Jeff EV & Wil Freeman

Wyvern Rising Production Team are responsible for acquiring, creating, maintaining, and setting up the physical items we need to create an immersive Live Action Roleplaying experience, including:

  • Costumes and Accessories
  • Phys-reps
  • Lighting, Decorations, and Props
  • Setting up mod sites

Production Team Staff Member: Lauren Alvear

Wyvern Rising Player Engagement Team are responsible for engaging both new and veteran players in the game by:

  • Running new player training and new player introductory mods
  • Creating game contents (like mods) not directly associated with event plots to help build/introduce world lore while providing content for players to enjoy. Ultimately creating more depth for the world of Wyvern Rising.
  • Looking for opportunities to integrate player backstory with ongoing in-game events and lore

Engagement Team Staff Member: Dustin Mills

Wyvern Rising Crafting Team are responsible for ensuring the smooth and effective operation of Wyvern Rising’s crafting system, including Alchemy, Smithing, and Professions.

  • Acting as Crafting Marshalls during the game to marshal crafting, sign off on crafting time, and create item tags
  • Recommending changes to create a more versatile, engaging, and streamlined crafting system.
  • Creating and refining the rules, processes, and procedures that make crafting work (e.g. how does “the store” function? How many components do I get when I “gather components” for X minutes?

Crafting Team Staff Member: Margaret EV.

Wyvern Rising Camp Staff are responsible for organizing the orderly setup, teardown, and storage of the materials Wyvern Rising brings to Hickory Run.

  • Organizing Storage runs both before and after the game
  • Overseeing the setup and decoration of “the tavern” and “the abbey”.
  • Ensuring that all areas of the camp are cleaned up prior to Sunday Checkout
  • Signing off on player-assigned camp cleanup duties
  • Keeping game staff and directors informed of camp issues, like anything that has been broken or is in grave disrepair.

Camp Staff Staff Member: Jeff EV. & Wil Freeman

Wyvern Rising Head Publican is responsible for planning, organizing, and making the Saturday evening “feast” provided by Wyvern Rising at events:

  • Planning feast menu
  • Doing food shopping
  • Making the feast
  • Serving the feast
  • Maintaining the stock of necessary kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, and soda
  • Ensuring the Kitchen is generally kept clean, and that players are not leaving food/mess out
  • Organizing any volunteer assistance they need in the kitchen

Head Publican: Zack H.