Staff and Contacts


  • Jessica Dessino
  • Roger Thrash
  • Cory Brin

Staff Members:

  • Lauren Alvear
  • Wil Freeman
  • Jeff Emerick Vernon
  • Margaret Emerick Vernon
  • Dustin Mills

Rules Marshals:

  • Ron R.
  • Zachary Wydawski
  • Mark Hunsinger
  • Zack Houser
  • Alex Hauge

Crafting Marshals:

  • Margaret Emerick Vernon
  • Karen Joseph
  • Joseph Libretti
  • David Wheeler

Lead Publican:

  • Zack Houser

The best place to get in touch with anyone is on our Discord Server.  You can also email the staff and directors at, or via our website.  Staff will also respond to messages to our Facebook page.

Note: Some last names have been omitted due to personal and professional courtesy. Should you need assistance identifying these individuals, please seek another listed Marshal, Staff Member, or Director.