Staff and Contacts


  • Jonathan Yuscavage
  • Jessica Dessino
  • Roger Thrash
  • Corey Brinn

Staff Members:

  • Jonathan Yuscavage
  • Margaret Emerick Vernon
  • Jeff Emerick Vernon
  • Sam Roberts
  • Kristen Roberts

Rules Marshals:

  • Ron R.
  • Zachary Wydawski
  • Mark Hunsinger
  • Zack Houser
  • Alex Hauge

Crafting Marshals:

  • Margaret Emerick Vernon
  • Karen Joseph
  • Joseph Libretti
  • David Wheeler

Lead Publican:

  • Zack Houser

Note: Some last names have been omitted due to personal and professional courtesy. Should you need assistance identifying these individuals, please seek another listed Marshal, Staff Member, or Director.