The Order of Divine Faith

The Church of Diakonoff in Merdensa is formed from two main sects. The first and largest sect is formally called the Order of Divine Faith. This sect concerns itself with spreading the word of Diakonoff amongst the laity. In it’s enduring alliance with the throne of Alessandria, the Order has decided to spread its influence to the frontier province of Haldenweald, on the new continent of Feragothe.

In Haldenweald, the Order are now the primary representatives of the Church of Diakonoff. The Order largely concerns itself with spreading the word of Diakonoff and teachings of the Church, tending to the needs of the people, and defending them from dark and unholy forces. Archbishop Hallewell is seeking members to expand the Church, citizens of Alessandria or not, that can help it thrive in this untamed land. Those who wish to join the Church’s efforts may visit their representative at the Haldenweald Keep, or inquire at the First Church of Haldenweald in Anchor Point.

Order of Divine Faith Quests