The Circle of the Third Eye

The Circle of the Third Eye is a secretive order organized by worshipers of the God Oberim. Like most orders of Oberim clerics, their practices and beliefs are shrouded in mystery. Outwardly, their stated goal in Feragothe is to seek out and collect knowledge of these new lands; its history, the native cultures, and whatever secrets are hiding deep within its forests and mountains. The order is made up mostly of holy men, but they are known for also accepting scholars, historians, and any who share their stated goal of pursuing knowledge. The Circle of the Third Eye is rumored to be headed by a mysterious blind seer, but most of the direction and management of the order is done via high-ranking Disciples. The Circle of the Third Eye has procured a meeting hall adjacent to the Grand Library of Feragothe, in Anchor Point. Those wishing to join them may seek them out there, or see their guild representative at the Haldenweald Keep.

Circle of the Third Eye Quests