Heretics and Blasphemers and Traitors, oh my! — S16,E4 Highlights

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Heretics and Blasphemers and Traitors, oh my! — S16,E4 Highlights

Post by Bria » Wed Aug 08, 2018 5:04 pm

So glad I could make it to this weekend.. having a mini off-season between April and August when I couldn't attend events was rough. Even more glad that the next event is only two weeks away! Huzzah!

Some of my favorite moments:
~ The super honest vampires in the tavern Friday night. Definitely wasn't going to sit around and allow them to hang out with us, but like, hey thanks for your honesty?
~ FINALLY having master florentine and feeling way more sufficient as a fighter because of it.
~ Feast. Always feast. And OMG that cheesecake... I had dreams about it
~ The teamwork at main mod - between Ilthor's constant light source, our solid front line (s/o to Tyrin, Aneith and Lyriel, among others, for always having my back) and the perfect execution of getting people to triage and protecting triage, I was pretty proud.
~ Kishar's sandwich!!
~ Making a friend with Harlie's soulless. He was just shy, guys.

My not-so favorite moments:
~ Having my leg cut off
~ Being blown up in the den whilst falling asleep.

Can't wait to see what's in store for the next event!
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Re: Heretics and Blasphemers and Traitors, oh my! — S16,E4 Highlights

Post by mrshwiggy » Thu Aug 09, 2018 11:09 pm

In no particular order:

Friday telling the duke the whole truth about Terminus Est.
Later Friday when the Duke came back asking for help. I totally thought we were getting taken to a mod until I got to logistics and staff was a little flabbergasted.
The "punishment" of needing to sleep OOG because our characters were walking. Joke's on you, suckers, I'm unkillable til 6 am :p
Doing the *REDACTED* with *REDACTED* in *REDACTED* and having to ask staff multiple parts of how it works.
Whatever that crazy Vidallan RAGE Soulless or whatever Zach W. played on Saturday. That dude was cool and terrifying.
Establishing my first Font of Healing, and then IMMEDIATELY needing to slam a bunch of it after I touched the "corpse" of the Darkness Mage and got zapped.
FEAST! Tacos were so good and relatively easy to make.
Fighting Spooky Scary Shade-ingtons all weekend, including Main Mod.
Hearing about all the fuckery that went on at the Den and the resulting explosion.
Last but not least: Finding out that I have Called Shot in real life. Third try, DING, I hit the coin, midair.

Bad stuff:
El'endah of clan Caran Elomen, Clowd of Corsotha. .
Zack Houser out of game.

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