Wyvern Rising 2016 Updates

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Wyvern Rising 2016 Updates

Post by RyanF WyvernStaff » Sat Mar 19, 2016 6:20 pm

So in lieu of putting off announcing the remainder of the additions to the paths until I can complete the data entry, I thought I would just lump the bulk of them here and call it a day. Now: Rogue! Craftsman! And Fighter/Cleric...! (sorta...)
The skill Marshal Prowess has been removed from the skill path. NOTE: This skill has not been removed from the game.
The skill Unconditional Devotion has been removed from the skill path. NOTE: This skill has not been removed from the game.
The skill Scribe Prayer must now be performed at an altar dedicated to the deity that corresponds to the prayer being scribed.
The Build cost for Backstab Prof +1 has been reduced from 8 to 6.
The Build cost for Backstab Prof +2 has been reduced from 10 to 8.
Pick Lock ranks have been abolished. A single Pick Lock skill with a variable Dexterity cost has been implemented in its place. This is similar to how Traps is designed.
The skill Evaluate Lock has been added after Pick Lock. Its skill description reads:
This allows a character to determine the approximate intricacy (DEX level) of a target lock. A director or Marshal is required for the use of this skill.
The skill Cheap Shot has been added immediately following Weapon Skills. Its description reads:
A calculated maneuver intended to deprive your opponent's lungs of air, forcing him on the defensive. A player hit in the front torso with this skill suffers the effect of Choke for 10 seconds. Players suffering the effect of Choke may not speak, cast spells/prayers, and may only defend themselves for the duration of the effect. Players who suffer the effect of Choke via the use of this skill may not suffer its effects by this skill again for 30 seconds.
The skill Kneecap has been added following Crit +2. Its description reads:
A calculated, if brutal, maneuver intended to ensure your opponent has nowhere to run. A player struck in the leg with this skill suffers the effect of Cripple Limb for 30 seconds. Players suffering the effects of Cripple Limb may not use that limb for any purpose for the duration of the effect and are under excruciating pain.
The skill Sand Toss has been added following Disarm. Its skill description reads:
A desparate devensive maneuver, utilizing nearby or stored sand, debris, etc. in an attempt to temporarily deprive your opponent of his sight. A player hit in the front torso with this skill suffers the effect of Blindness for 10 seconds. Players may only use spell packets for the use of this skill. In order for this skill to be effective, the target must be within 5 feet of the attacker. Range: Spell packet, 5 feet.
The skill Feint has been added as an alternative to Piercing Strike between Backstab Prof +1 and Backstab Prof +2. Its description reads:
A calculated maneuver intended to deceive your opponent and throw his defenses wide open. Players using this skill treat the attack as a Surprise Attack for the purposes of mitigation. Players may combine this skill with any non-Special and non-Surprise attacks.
The skill First Aid has been updated to reflect its original intent and to add further utility. It's description now reads:
Character may administer assistance to a dying victim who is at 0 Body. Character must role-play binding wounds for 1 minute, and must use a First Aid kit. Victim must remain immobile for three minutes, after which he/she will regain 1 Body point. First Aid is effective only for the first 2 minutes (first phase) of the Death Count. The Death Count is paused during the administration of First Aid. A character may use this skill to assess the wounds of an injured person or determine which phase of the Death Count he/she is in. This skill may not be used to determine the difference between sleeping/unconsciousness and First Aid recovery period. This skill may not be used to discerne unconsciousness from consciousness. This skill may be used to discerne whether or not a person is Mortally Wounded after First Aid is administered.
The Dexterity cost for Stabilize has been reduced from 6 to 4.
The skill Suture Wound has dropped a tier, and instead of branching from Stabilize, now branches from First Aid.
A special item called a Chirurgeon's Kit as been added to the list of items that can be created with the skill Toolcrafting. This item allows up to 15 points worth of Dexterity to be used with Physician skills only. Players may not use Dexterity and points from the Chirurgeon's Kit on the same skill, i.e. if using Stabilize, I may not opt to use 3 Dexterity and 1 point from the kit; it's all Dexterity or all Kit. Players mark down points used from the kit on the item tag issued along with it. Players that overexpend the points within a Chirurgeon's Kit will be treated similarly to how they would be if they overexpend Ability Points. Once the points within the kit are used up, the item tag is destroyed and all materials inside the kit are considered unusable for any purpose. The use of a Chirurgeon's Kit does not replace the need for a Physician's Kit or a Surgical Chamber as required by all Physician skills.
Crafting Points have been abolished. (More on this in another post.)

Mage Shield has been updated. Its Build cost has been increased from 4 to 5 and its new description reads:
A Mage with this skill is capable of focusing his gathered power and generating a small disc of magical energy. This disc must be built using the requirements for a Small Shield (and must be neon-colored), and will protect the wielder from physical harm as well as dissipate focused magical energy and focused divine energy, rendering it harmless. This allows a Mage to block boffers and spell packets thrown by mages or clerics. Duration: 2 minutes. See the Magic System section for additional information.
Impress Spell has been removed from the game. All gems that currently carry a spell created in this manner will continue to hold the effects of the spell until used or the tag lost.
Impress Energy has been added to the game in its place.
This skill allows a character to infuse cut gems with a measure of power according to how much power the mage may manifest. These gems may later be used to Donate to a ritual or Arcane Crafting to fulfill a TKR requirement. Control Factors must still be met. Players may only use one gem prepared in such a manner in a single ritual or Arcane Craft. Requires the use of an Enchantry.
The Build cost for Create Scroll has been reduced from 12 to 8. Create Scroll has been added to the 'Gather Power' path, branching off of Gather Power 3.
Identify Component, Mystic Alchemy: Basic, Experiment, and Mystic Alchemy: Intermediate skills have been added to the Mage path.
Artifact 2, Artifact 3, and Ascend: Arch Mage have been removed from the path. Note: These skills have not been removed from the game.
All Arcane Crafting skills now require the use of an Enchantry. An Enchantry is a specialized Arcane Crafting station that aids a mage in the delicate process of enchanting. An Enchantry may be created through the use of a ritual.
Pretty neat, huh? We're in the process of updating the website, but I just couldn't resist sharing. Post any questions in the comments below