2015 Season Crafting

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2015 Season Crafting

Post by Domo » Tue Mar 31, 2015 2:58 pm

Hi hi!

Crafting martial here :3

As a reminder to everyone- you get 60 CP for crafting over the winter (not the standard 30 between other games). Please work out your math ahead of time so I can quickly write out your ration/item cards there (or email me before Layon so I will do them before I get there- "AylaTheBellyDancer AT gmail dot com "). I can write you a weapon or armor tag if you already had the phys rep surveyed by staff. I am NOT allowed to ok phys reps, so please do that before layon (this is for everyone's safety and to make the game fair).

I don't have access to AAR's, so I can't give you items from them (unless staff directly tells me to fill out the cards while I'm in the tavern scribbling away).

I will send a message ahead if I am to arrive after Layon. (Oh noes!)

Can't wait to see ya'll.
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