Regent Halifax has established guild charters to give special status to organizations whose work contributes to the prosperity of the Province of Haldenweald. There are many guilds and organizations operating under the Regent’s authority, and a few operating without it…

OOG: Guilds are in-game organizations that players may join. These organizations all have NPC guild leaders and guild members, their own resources, and their own contracts/jobs, referred to as “quests“. Players may be members of up to two guilds at a time, gaining access to guild quests. These are opportunities to choose what sort of in-game experiences you want for your character, and allow you to earn some coin and/or reputation within your guild. To check a guild’s “job board”, you can check the guild quests listed on this website for each guild, ask for quests in your AAR, or come to logistics during an event. This represents you visiting a nearby “guild contact” or private guild drop point. When you choose to take up a job, there may be an encounter, either immediately or at a scheduled time, depending on the job taken and NPC availability.

OOG Notice: Guilds are a new mechanic for us, and we’re still working on some of the mechanics to support them. Keep your eye on this page, and the linked guild pages, as we’ll update them as we figure out their in-game mechanics (e.g. Guild ranks, guild benefits, etc).

Available Guilds

The list of links to publicly known guilds is on this page. Some of them are more like religious orders, but for game mechanics they’re all treated as guilds. These are all publicly known groups in the world of Wyvern Rising. Check them out and see what guild or guilds might interest your character. Guild quests will largely depend on what type of work that guild is dedicated to. Want combat? Try the Twinblades. Want to research and discover secret knowledge? Maybe look at the Mages’ Guild or Circle of the Third Eye. Want to heal the sick and injured? The Luminosa College of Physickers might be right for you.

There are also additional guilds that are NOT made public, such as those that are closed for membership, carry no direct benefit to the player, or are of an…unsavory nature. They are not excluded to bar membership, just to prevent misdirection or meta-gaming. If you want to join an organization with a more…unsavory nature…just ask staff at logistics or via AAR about the type of organization you want to join. This just represents you casually asking around in the seediest dive you can find in the game world. We’re sure word will get to the organizations you’re seeking out…

Advancing in your Guild

Once you’re a member of a guild, you can increase your status by earning ranks. Each rank has an experience requirement. You earn experience by performing a service to your guild (like completing guild quests). Experience points are tracked on your guild token/badge, which is an in-game item your character is responsible for. When you’ve done service to your guild, a guild representative will sign off on your badge/token, allotting you experience points. Game staff will not be replacing lost or stolen badges/tokens, so protect yours carefully. Each rank may also have additional requirements, depending on the guild. Each rank you earn in a guild gives you more prestige, access to more difficult/important quests, any may give you access to new and/or superior guild resources and benefits.

I Don’t know what Guild to Join

Don’t worry, especially if you’re a New Player. You may need some time to experience the game world and determine who you want to throw your lot in with. The Iron Tortoise Adventurer’s Guild is automatically join-able by any new character, and experience (up to a certain amount) earned doing quests for the Iron Tortoise can be directly transferred to any other in-game guild once. This is the only guild for which that is true. So if you want to experience the guild mechanics but aren’t sure which to go with, we’d recommend you join the Iron Tortoise, do some quests, and transfer your experience to another guild once you decide which is the best fit. You may end your relationship with a guild at any time. For instance, if you already belong to two and wish to leave one so you can join a different one. But beware, not all guilds will let you freely return or return with the same status/rank, depending on how you left.