Rules for Drinking

When drinking alcohol, characters can become intoxicated.  The following rules cover these situations. 

Each alcoholic drink is assigned a numeric potency value.  Whenever a character consumes a drink they must add the potency value to their intoxication value. 

Base Intoxication threshold for races:     

Race Base Intoxication Threshold
True Elf 6
Lacrean 6
Human 8
Barbarian 8
Sethen 8
Wild Elf 8
Caitiff 8
Orc 10
Dwarf 12
Oelyte 12
Gen’ii 12

*Add +1 threshold for each body (temporary or permanent) beyond the racial base

Effects of Intoxication:

Role-play drunkenness.

x2 cost for all ability-based (DEX, END, PRE) skills

-1 damage to all weapon strikes, including ranged

Unable to cast/invoke any spell/prayer over rank 2

Immune to Fear effects


In-Game Drink Soda Type Potency
Dark Ale Cola 1
Mead Pineapple 1
Sweet Wine Grape 1
White Wine Lemon-Lime 1
Blue Zombie Blue Fruit Soda 2
Dark Rum Dr. Thunder/Dr. Pepper 2
Dwarven Ale Root Beer 2
Elven Wine Cherry/Black Cherry 2
Orcish Blood Wine Code Red 3
Sethen Rau Th’deen Mt. Lightning/Mt. Dew 3
Whiskey Ginger Ale 3
Oelyte Citrona Orange 4
Diamond White Birch Beer 5

Examples of becoming intoxicated

When a character receives an intoxication equal to one-half (round down) or more of their intoxication threshold, they become intoxicated and must role-play the appropriate effects. If a human with a base intoxication threshold of 8  and has no additional body drinks 4 Ales, they will become drunk.  If a true elf, with a base intoxication threshold of 6, but has purchased up to Body +6, drink 5 Ales, they may roleplay being tipsy, but they are not drunk since they only have an intoxication value of 5, while they have a threshold of 12. The character is also subject to additional limitations as listed below.  They will regain sobriety when Drunk Points fall below one-half of his/her max Body.

When a character receives an intoxication value equal to their intoxication threshold, they pass into unconsciousness.  They will regain consciousness when Drunk Points fall below his/her intoxication threshold. Your intoxication value is reduced at the rate of one point per hour.  Therefore, a character will remain passed out for one full hour before regaining consciousness (though they will remain intoxicated a bit longer.)