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Cost: FREE
NOTE: First time PCs or full-time NPCs are also free.

Weekend Overview: The June event will run a little bit different than a normal Wyvern Rising event as staff will need more time than usual to get everyone checked in and ready to play their characters in the new system.

Therefore, Friday night will only be used for check-in and opening ceremonies. Check in begins at 4:00 PM. Once you are checked in and unloaded into your sleeping area, you are free to hang out, make food, play board games, spar, etc.

Saturday will be lay-on for everyone with pre-existing characters prior to the rules revision. Anyone creating a new character will have their NPC shift Saturday morning. A short lay-off will be called midday Saturday to facilitate some plot-related changes (you’ll know it when it’s happening), and lay-on will resume afterwards with all playable characters.

Due to the altered timeline of the weekend, this event will be FREE to play for EVERYONE! We’re so excited to bring everyone back into our world of Wyvern Rising in just a few short weeks. What part will you play?

Pre-register: Pre-register for Wyvern Rising Season 20 Event 1

Food: In the past, our game has provided a Saturday-night meal (feast). I understand that NO FEAST will be served this event, and that I must bring/provide my own food. NOTE: Refrigeration and access to the kitchen is available, and we will have a limited number of burgers available for purchase.

Sleep: There are ample cabins to sleep in at Hickory Run. Speak to staff at the event if you need help choosing a vacant cabin or bed to stay in.

Questions? Reach out on Discord or to [email protected]

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All attendees agree to follow the Wyvern Rising LARP Code of Conduct.

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